EZ Connect Floats

Modular, adjustable pipe and hose floats for dredging and other applications.

MODULAR HOSE FLOATS – Fits Any Diameter Pipe or Hose

EZ Connect Floats are modular, wedge-shaped hose floats that connect to hoses, pipelines, or umbilicals with a heavy-duty strap to keep the line afloat. This design allows you to reuse the floats for different projects with different size pipelines. In addition, if for any reason the floats are damaged, you only need replace the damaged wedge and not the whole unit.

EZ Connect Floats SPECS

Float RangePipe DiameterFloat UnitsSubmergence at 50%Submergence at 100%Spec Sheet (PDF)
2" to 3"2 in / 50.8 mm1 set63 lbs / 28.6 kg125 lbs / 56.7 kgENG
4"4 in / 101.6 mm2 set125 lbs / 56.7 kg250 lbs / 113.4 kgENG
6"6 in / 152.4 mm3 set188 lbs / 85.3 kg375 lbs / 170.1 kgENG
8"8 in / 203.2 mm4 set250 lbs / 113.4 kg500 lbs / 226.8 kgENG
10”10 in / 254 mm5 set313 lbs / 142 kg625 lbs / 283.5 kgENG
12”12 in / 304.8 mm6 set375 lbs / 170.1 kg750 lbs / 340.2 kgENG
14”14 in / 355.6 mm8 set436 lbs / 197.8 kg875 lbs / 396.9 kgENG
18” to 20”18 in / 457.2 mm8 set500 lbs / 226.8 kg800 lbs / 362.9 kgENG
22” to 24”22 in / 558.8 mm9 set630 lbs / 285.8 kg1000 lbs / 453.6 kgENG
26” to 28”26 in / 660.4 mm10 set565 lbs / 256.3 kg900 lbs / 408.2 kgENG
30” to 32”30 in / 762 mm11 set690 lbs / 313 kg1100 lbs / 499 kgENG

EZ Connect Floats Unit Guide

Depending on the diameter of your pipeline, more float wedges may need to be added. This allows you to use the same floats for multiple projects. See the chart for specific pipeline specifications.

EZ Connect Floats Configurations for Pipe Sizes
EZ Connect Floats Pipeline Dredging

EZ Connect Floats Advantages

  • Can fit more floats in less space, making them cheaper and easier to ship
  • No foam used for more environmentally friendly products (foam optional)
  • Floats can be reused on varying sizes of pipelines
  • If damaged, replace only a single wedge instead of the whole unit
  • Quick and secure installation with stainless steel ratchet straps
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