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Common Barge Pump Applications:

  • Dredged Material Pumping
  • Petroleum Distillates
  • Chemical or Brine Removal
  • Fertilizers, Oils, Molasses
  • Sludge or Slurry Remediation



Problems With Barge Material Movement

Some types of slurry and abrasive materials wreak havoc on a regular pump.   Centrifugal pumps quickly get worn down and lose their tolerances and suction capabilities.  This results in significant downtime and costly spare parts. This is not the case with the EDDY Pump, it can take the abuse of abrasive materials because of its sunken rotor design. The eddy current of the pump whips material right past the rotor with minimal wear. With certain environmental laws, it’s becoming more common for end clients to use an EDDY Pump with an excavator attachment instead of a mechanical loader. Many times this is because the ultra low turbidity and sediment is not kicked up the way a bucket would be. It’s also important to select the right Equipment Options For the Job:



EDDY Pump Dredge Equipment

The EDDY Pump can be deployed in various dredge configurations to optimize the loading or unloading of a barge.  Some of the ideal deployments for offloading are the Excavator Pump Attachments, and Cable-Deployed Pumps. This is dependent on the job site and applicable setup (crane, fixed boom arm, excavator, etc).

Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment

Excavator Dredge for Fly Ash The EDDY Pump Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment is one of our most popular units. It allows any power generation or contracting company with little or no experience in dredging to easily convert one of their existing excavators or a rental into a hydraulic dredger.  An excavator operator can then easily learn to operate the Excavator Pump Attachment with only a few hours of training.  The Excavator Pump gets pinned to the end of the excavator boom and can either be used with a cutterhead or a liner safe rolling attachment.

The liner-safe wheels allow the pump to easily glide over the liner without having any negative effect, while still removing all the fly ash. Slurry hose is then connected to the pump and run along the boom of the excavator over the back of the excavator and connected into pipeline.  The pump can move material at rates of up to 400 cubic yards over distances of over a mile, at solids rates of 40-70%.  This is all done creating little to no contaminant resuspension or detectable turbidity.  This is the most environmentally friendly dredge on the market.  Please click here to see more about proper pump and excavator size for your application: Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment Info 

Cable-Deployed Pump

Coal Ash Cable Hanging PumpThe jetting ring pictured has been replaced with the improved version below. They attach the same way.

The EDDY Pump Cable-Deployed Pump with water jetting system is ideal for projects where a crane is available.  The EDDY Pump can be run electrically or hydraulically and suspended from the crane on a cable.  The water-jetting system breaks up the material and feeds the EDDY Pump. Cable Deployed Dredge info Here

The following water jetting ring can be attached to a 6-inch through 10-inch dredge pumps. This unit was designed and fabricated by EDDY Pump. There are 28 jet nozzles that can be capped or left open to best address the needs of your project. Shoot water straight down to break up material, or at an angle to clean a barge during unloading.

Attache to an EDDY Pump or purchase as a stand-alone unit. Call us for details.

Water Jetting Ring Dredge Attachment

“New Water Jet Jetting Ring” Used to help fluidize and break up material. Adjust jets to as many or few as needed. Also adjust direction to match your application.

This ring can attach to a hanging unit deployed off a platform, in an A-frame setup. It can also be attached to an excavator attachment for use instead of a cutter head. The customer feedback has been great. Call for details.


Barge Unloading Dredger

Applications: Rail Car and Barge Slurry Transport

The purpose of this page is to identify your application and learn more about an equipment solution to meet your needs. These are the most common barge transport applications that we work with. We are the OEM for the tools shown.

Application: Transport and pump material out of or into barges and rail cars.
Material: Slurry, wet grains, bottom material from environmental cleanup or any material with a wet format. This barge unloading dredger is Not for dry material transport.

Common Unload Scenario:

The EDDY Pump Excavator Attachment is ideal for pumping slurry from barges, rail cars, pits, lined ponds or other bodies used for material storage.   

By attaching the EDDY Pump to a standard boom or long boom excavator you can get reach of up to 75-ft and handle the most difficult applications.  The EDDY Pump allows you to pump the fly ash at distances over 2-miles at production rates of up to 600 tons of ash per hour or 5000 GPM.  

Optional upgrade: Add liner-safe rollers, as it also gives you the ability to dredge on concrete lined sumps or poly-lined reservoirs without disturbing the liner.

Below are common pumping distances we see, along with a pump curve to match the details. Contact us with your exact numbers.

Distance: 2500 ft
Vertical Rise: 30 ft
Production: 1414 GPM

Equipment Used: EDDY Pump 6 Inch Excavator Attachment. Cutter Head OR Roller Wheel setup.
Excavator Type: CAT 320 or larger (or equivalent model excavator)
Optional HPU: Excavator powered attachment OR a separate Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) will power the pump attachment.  The ideal option is based on your project requirements.

Sales Quote With Custom Pump Curve

Do you know specifics about your project? Let us know and we can create your own personalized pump curve.

Water Jetting Ring
Water Jetting Ring

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Barge Pumping Photos

Photos of recent barge unloading pumping projects. With the water jetting ring a dry material can be liquidized or broken up for pumping. A new jetting ring will be introduced in 2018 to add another option for projects.

Why EDDY Pumps Are Better – Highlights

This video shows how EDDY Pump beats out traditional centrifugal pumps when it comes to tough slurry and abrasive materials. EDDY Pump is the at the heart of all of our featured dredge pump equipment including the Remote Operated Subdredge, Diver Operated Pump and a Excavator Attachment Dredge Pump.

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