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Why Use A Custom Pump Curve?

A pump curve is a graphical representation of a pumps ability to produce flow against a certain head. The trick is matching a curve that is accurate for your project, therefore leading to the proper pump selection and efficiency.

Do you use a pump curve based on water for your sludge, slurry, sand or other hi solids material? You Shouldn’t.

Since there is no industry standard for a “Slurry Curve” we created a custom solids pump calculator.


  • Ensure The Right Pump for Your Project.
  • Why use a Water Curve for Slurry? You Shouldn’t.
  • Be efficient, don’t be under or overpowered for your project.
  • Accurate project data in, means we align the best pump for your project.


Our engineers base the pump curve on your material viscosity, target GPM, distance and other job-specific factors. This ensures the right pump is used on your project.

Enter your project info below for an evaluation with a custom pump curve.

Custom Pump Curve for Slurry

What We Need From You?

Submit as much as you can.

  • What type of material will be pumped? (sand, mud, coarser particles, sludge, etc)
  • Flow rate target goals?  (400 GPM, e.g.)
  • Length of pipeline?  (700 FT or M, e.g.)
  • Elevation rise of pipeline?  (20 FT or M, e.g.)
  • Type of pipeline? (plastic, metal, e.g.)
  • What is the density (specific gravity) of the material?
  • What is the viscosity (centipoise) of the material?

Try to be accurate. These items help determine the pump size, HP used and rotor to be paired with the pump.

Submit Project Requirements – We Provide Quote and Pump Curve

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