EDDY Pump Case Studies

EDDY Pump has provided outstanding results for a wide array of clients working in industries that are in need of a heavy-duty slurry pump or dredge pump that can handle high solids with little to no maintenance. Learn how the EDDY Pump helped boost production with their projects.

Below are actual case studies from companies who have benefited from using EDDY Pump equipment for their project. Combined with a patented pump design, EDDY Pump provides innovative solutions for transporting heavy solids and slurries commonly found in applications such as dredging, mining, wastewater, paper, pulp, oil/gas, fly ash, drill mud and more.

All of our parts are 100% made and manufactured in the USA. Additionally, our support staff, engineering, research, and development, are all located in the USA. Our centralized team and manufacturing result in faster service for our clients! If you need additional information or sales, contact us.

Case Studies

Our case studies feature actual client testimonials along with results by using EDDY Pump equipment on dredging products and other high solids applications that other pumps simply can’t handle the material or require frequent maintenance and replacements.

Client: Flatiron Construction
Location: Georgetown, Colorado
Application: Desludging with Pump Deployed on Pile Leads

Equipment Used: The 6-inch hydraulic-powered EDDY Pump Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment w/ Jetting Ring.

Client: Budrovich
Location: Granite City, Illinois
Application: Dredging from Floating Barge

Equipment Used: The 10-inch hydraulic-powered EDDY Pump Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment, deployed from a barge.

Client: Mare Island Dry Dock
Location: Vallejo, California
Application: Barge Unloading with Pump Instead of Clamshell

Equipment Used: Cable Deployed EDDY Pump with Water Jetting Agitator Attachment.

Client: Cresta Reservoir
Location: Northern California
Application: Dredging

Equipment Used: EDDY Pump Dredge Pump

Client: Dow Chemical
Location: St. Clair River, Michigan
Application: Environmental Dredge

Equipment Used: T2 Environmental Dredge. Environmental cleanup project.

Client: Rio Tinto
Location: Jamaica
Application: Red Mud Bauxite Pumping

Equipment Used: Excavator Attachment Pump with an EDDY Pump manufactured dredge pump, combined with our cutter head.

Client: ConocoPhillips
Location: Houston, Texas
Application: Drill Cuttings Pumping for Removal

Equipment Used: NoEx Drill Cuttings System

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