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EDDY Pump offers sales, turnkey rentals, and dredging solutions to clients worldwide. We have over 30 years experience completing the toughest dredging projects around the world. Monthly rentals for dredging, dewatering, self-prime needs and special diver dredge projects.

Why Rent?

  • Try out dredge equipment before purchase
  • Great for short term projects 2-12 months
  • Rent to own program
  • Lower upfront costs

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For information on renting EDDY Pump equipment, click the link below or give us a call at 619-404-1916.

EDDY Pump offers sales, turnkey rentals, and dredging solutions to clients worldwide. We have over 30 years experience completing the toughest dredging projects around the world.

Why Rent?

  • Try out equipment before purchase
  • Great for short term projects
  • Rent to own program
  • Lower upfront costs
EDDY Pump’s line of dredging equipment provides non-clogging & low maintenance solutions to the world’s toughest dredging jobs. Designed to withstand abrasion, corrosion, and other wear and tear, you can count on the EDDY Pump to get the job done. EDDY Pump typically does Not Rent process pumps unless they are for a special demo, call sales about your project.

EDDY Dredging Equipment is available for purchase and popular items for rent using our rental quote form.

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One of our associates will reach out for additional information as soon as possible. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to ask our experts how they can help you when selecting equipment for your application by calling us at 619-404-1916 or contacting us here.

Equipment Rental FAQ

What is dredge equipment rental?
Dredge equipment rental involves leasing equipment and machinery for temporary use in various dredging projects, such as excavation, dredging, and sediment removal in water bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds, and industrial basins.

What types of dredge equipment are available for rent?
Dredge equipment available for rent may include:

  • Cutter suction dredgers
  • Hydraulic dredgers
  • Mechanical dredgers
  • Hopper dredgers
  • Portable dredge systems

Each type of equipment has unique features and capabilities suitable for different dredging applications.

What are the benefits of renting dredge equipment?
Renting dredge equipment offers several benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to purchasing new equipment, especially for short-term or one-time projects
  • Access to a wide range of specialized equipment without the need for upfront capital investment
  • Flexibility to scale equipment rental based on project requirements and duration
  • The rental company’s maintenance and technical support reduces downtime and operational hassles.

How does dredge equipment rental pricing work?
Dredge equipment rental pricing typically depends on the type and size of equipment rented, rental duration, delivery and setup costs, and any additional services or accessories required. Rental rates may be calculated daily, weekly, or monthly.

What factors should I consider when renting dredge equipment?

  • When renting dredge equipment, factors to consider include:
  • Type and size of equipment needed for the specific dredging project
  • Rental company reputation, reliability, and track record
  • Rental terms and conditions, including insurance coverage, maintenance, and support services
  • Availability of trained operators or technical assistance from the rental company
  • Overall project budget and timeline constraints.

Can I rent dredge equipment for short-term projects?
Yes, dredge equipment rental is suitable for short-term projects, allowing you to access the necessary equipment without committing to long-term ownership or investment. Rental agreements can be tailored to accommodate project durations ranging from days to months.

Are there options for renting specialized dredge equipment?
Yes, rental companies often offer a variety of specialized dredge equipment for specific applications, such as environmental remediation, harbor maintenance, underwater excavation, and sediment dewatering. These specialized dredgers may feature unique configurations, attachments, or capabilities tailored to specialized tasks.

What maintenance and support services are included with dredge equipment rental?
Rental companies typically provide maintenance and support services as part of the rental agreement, including routine inspections, repairs, and technical assistance. Some rental agreements may also include operator training, equipment setup, and onsite support during the rental period.

Can I rent dredge equipment for emergency response or disaster recovery?
Dredge equipment rental is often available for emergency response and disaster recovery, such as flood control, stormwater management, and environmental cleanup. Rental companies may offer expedited delivery and setup services to address urgent crisis needs.

Can I rent dredge equipment for long-term projects?
Yes, dredge equipment rental is also suitable for long-term projects. It provides a cost-effective solution for extended dredging operations without the commitment of purchasing new equipment. Rental agreements can be negotiated to accommodate project durations spanning several months or even years.

How much does a dredger cost?
The cost of a dredger varies depending on factors such as size, type, specifications, and additional features. Dredgers can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars in price.

What is a dredge?
A dredge is a machine or vessel used for excavating, removing, and transporting sediment, silt, or debris from the bottom of water bodies to maintain navigability, prevent flooding, reclaim land, or perform environmental remediation.

How much does it cost to build a dredge?
The dredge cost can vary significantly based on size, complexity, materials, and technology. Small-scale dredges may cost several hundred thousand dollars, while significant, specialized dredging vessels can cost tens of millions.

How much does a dredging ship cost?
The cost of a dredging ship depends on its size, capacity, features, and condition. Dredging ships can range from several million dollars for smaller vessels to tens or hundreds of millions for larger, more advanced ships.

What is the salary in a dredger ship?Salaries for crew members working on dredger ships vary depending on rank, experience, location, and employer policies. Captain and senior crew members may earn higher wages compared to junior positions.

Is dredging cost-effective?
Dredging can be cost-effective when properly planned and executed to achieve specific objectives such as maintaining navigability, preventing flooding, or reclaiming land. The cost-effectiveness of dredging depends on factors such as project scope, environmental regulations, and long-term benefits.

What are the risks of dredging?
Risks associated with dredging operations may include:

  • Environmental impacts such as habitat disturbance, sedimentation, and water quality degradation
  • Regulatory compliance challenges and permitting requirements
  • Technical issues such as equipment malfunctions, accidents, or spills
  • Public health and safety concerns during dredging activities.

What are the disadvantages of dredging?
Some disadvantages of dredging include:

  • Environmental impacts on aquatic habitats, ecosystems, and water quality
  • Disruption to marine life, including fish, shellfish, and other aquatic organisms
  • Sediment disposal challenges, including potential contamination and habitat destruction
  • High costs associated with dredging equipment, maintenance, and disposal.

How is dredging quantity calculated?Dredging quantity is typically calculated based on factors such as the volume of material to be removed, dredging depth, and dredged material density. Various methods, including hydrographic surveys, bathymetric mapping, and sediment sampling, may be used to estimate dredging quantities accurately.

What size is a dredge?
Dredges vary in size depending on their intended use and capacity. Small-scale dredges may be portable and compact, while large dredging vessels can be several hundred feet long and equipped with advanced machinery and technology.

How much fuel does a dredger use?
A dredger’s fuel consumption depends on factors such as engine size, operating conditions, load, and efficiency. Large dredgers with powerful engines and heavy workloads may consume significant fuel, while smaller dredges may be more fuel-efficient.

How deep can you dredge?
The dredging depth depends on factors such as the type of equipment used, soil conditions, and project requirements. Some dredgers can operate in shallow waters or channels, while others are designed for deep-sea dredging in offshore environments.


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