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Ancillary Dredge & Pump Components

Power, Suction and Discharge Slurry Hoses, HPUs, VFDs, Pipe Floats, HDPE or Metal Pipes
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Augment your dredging project with our selection of top-rated ancillary dredge components.

HPUAll of our ancillary equipment has been developed for heavy-duty, abrasive applications, as well as tested to work seamlessly with all EDDY Pumps and Dredging equipment. In addition, all of our products are designed in-house to increase production while saving you time and money.

The core of this design is the patented EDDY Pump technology. The design redefines the pumping industry by being the only pump that utilizes the principles of a tornado to create a synchronized eddy current. Accessories have been specifically paired with our pumps to maintain high level production.

To learn more about the technology behind our pumps continue reading more HERE.

Dredge Equipment Acessories are Built By EDDY Pump or OEM Reccomended Partner Brands.

Ancillary Pump & Dredging Equipment

EDDY Pump Built or OEM Recommended Items:
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HPU - Hydraulic Power Unit - Learn More
Hydraulic Power Units power the excavator dredge pump attachments. These enable max production. Learn more.

Variable Frequency Drive

VFD - Variable Frequency Device
VFDs are needed for pumps that are electrically powered. Adjust the speed to meet your projects precise needs.
Learn more.

Suction & Discharge Hoses

Dredging Suction and Discharge Hoses
Special pricing for flex suction and discharge houses to meet specs. Metal and HDPE dredge pipe available. OEM recommended and tested for abrasive applications.

Pipe Floats

Pipe Floats for Dredging
Special pricing for pipe floats. OEM tested and suggested.


Cutterhead Dredge Attachment

Replace teeth as they wear, or buy a cutterhead for your custom application. See optional dredge cutter heads.

Jetting Ring

Jetting Ring Dredge Attachment
Replace cutter with a water jetting ring for breakup or liquification of dry material. Also for poly liner applications.

Slurry Hose Boom

Jetting Ring Dredge Attachment
Mount the discharge slurry hose on this pivoting boom. The hose stays in place giving the excavator a wider range of motion.

Dredge Equipment Config Options

  • Numerous Dredge and Pump Configurations
  • Electric, Hydraulic Driven or Diesel Driven
  • Customizable Dredges and Pump Systems
  • Various Cutterhead Options
  • Remote Operation Capability
  • GPS / RTK Precise Positioning and Dredging
  • Liner-Safe Operation (Clay, Poly, Concrete, etc)
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Low to No Turbidity
  • Easy to Ship and Assemble Worldwide
  • Self-Priming Systems Available


Strategic Maintenance And Remote Telemetry

SMART Pump Advantages

  • SCADA Integration
  • Cost Savings
  • SMART is Strategic Maintenance And Remote Telemetry
  • Prevent Unplanned Downtime
  • Improve Efficient Operation Points (RPM, Power, etc)
  • Prolong Pump Life, Prevent Equipment Abuse, and Set Auto Shut-Off to Stop Damage
  • Strategic Maintenance VS Unplanned Downtime Equals Cost Savings
  • OEM Support with Pump Data Streaming in Real-Time
  • Learn More About Smart Pumps

Wireless Acoustic Slurry Flow Meter
A state of the art flow meter that can be installed in less than an hour to any size hose or pipe from 1-inch to 24-inch and measures the flow of slurry in realtime on an easily mounted digital display.

slurry pump smart pump

The optional SMART upgrade connects your pump or dredge equipment to the web and internal SCADA system. This allows for real-time monitoring of the unit after startup which helps prevent damage, downtime and ensure longer pump life. All of this saves money for your project.

Active monitoring allows for the operator to have more precise control over material throughput and ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI) on the EDDY Pump dredge equipment you own.

Read about SMART Pump Techchnology...

Excavator Pump Attachment

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EDDY Pumps vs Centrifugal Pump

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