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The EDDY RTK Dredge System - GPS Dredge Positioning System

Learn about our GPS Dredge Positioning System which allows any dredge operator precision dredging and eliminates the guessing game, maximizing production rates. Uses RTK (Real Time Kinematics)
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GPS & RTK Dredge Positioning System Overview Video

The EDDY RTK Dredge Position Systems is build by EDDY Pump. The system is designed to work with the EDDY Pump product line. It is also compatible with your bucket and mechanical dredging systems. 

EDDY Pump can provide custom dredge positioning and monitoring systems for your barge or excavator mounted dredging system as well as custom solutions for real time monitoring of the dredge’s position beneath the water surface. We have the ability to design, install, and support positioning systems using specialized software. In addition, EDDY Pump maintains a fleet of rental equipment for all your dredging needs.

We currently offer three grades of GPS Dredge Positioning Systems:

  • Compact System
  • Full System
  • Critical System

Each grade of system includes the same base components and includes software which can be upgraded in the field, depending on the demands of the dredging project.

Compact Dredge Positioning System

All EDDY Pump GPS Dredge Positioning Systems are built around the same core components. These consist of three angle sensors which measures boom, stick, and pump angles. Additionally, each system comes equipped with a GPS positioning and heading system.

The compact system has a horizontal positional accuracy of 3 feet (1 meter) and a vertical accuracy of nearly 8-inches (20 cm). This system is well suited for any excavator mounted dredge attachment that operate in areas with little to no water level change.

Full Dredge Positioning System – GPS & RTK

The full system builds upon the architecture of the compact system by increasing the positional accuracy both horizontally and vertically to 2 cm in both axis. This system is well suited for systems that operate from land or from a barge where the water level fluctuates. The addition of high accuracy GPS allows for real time tracking of vertical elevation of the excavator body.

Critical Dredge Positioning System

The critical system is our most advanced system, in addition to the features of the full system the critical system includes an additional interfaces to display the position and heading of the barge and support vessels. This system is best suited for projects that require the upmost accuracy including environmental cleanups or other projects requiring high accuracy positioning.

Dredge Positioning Benefits

  • Dredge with Precision
  • View Reach, Depth, and Precise GPS Location in Real-time
  • Optimizes Production
  • Dredge Only Target Material
  • Prevents Over-dredging
  • Increased Project Speed
  • Reduces Equipment Maintenance

Top Dredging Applications

Precision Dredging – Using a GPS/RTK Positioning System will allow the dredge operator to view where the pump is in real time as you traverse under the water. Eliminate the guessing game and optimize production with ease.

Environmental Low Turbidity Dredging – Our dredge is designed to be the most precise remediation dredge available to only remove the target material and not over-dredge unwanted or delicate material. This, in turn, lowers the cost and time of contaminant material treatment and overall dredging. The ability to dredge with little to no detectable turbidity creates the optimal environmental dredge for low turbidity dredging projects.

Excavator or Barge Dredging – If your dredge pump is mounted to an excavator or barge boom, the dredge pump will be underwater and out of view of the dredge operator. This can quickly make dredging become a guessing game. Our GPS positioning system will ensure optimal production, even when the pump inlet is not visible to the operator.

We are one of the few companies who manufactures both our pumps and dredging equipment to ensure optimal support. All equipment Powered by EDDY Pump.

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