Dredge Sled – Patented Lagoon Dredging Equipment

The patented Dredge Sled lagoon dredging equipment is highly engineered for submersible dredging with the ability gently slide along the bottom to pump highly viscous or abrasive material, sludge, muck, paste, high solids, and other harsh pond pumping applications.


Efficient Lagoon Dredging Equipment

EDDY Pump is now able to offer a complete dredging solution for effective slurry, sludge, and solids removal, the patented Dredge Sled. With the latest technology, the Dredge Sled is a cost-effective solution for your pond, lagoon, canal, tailings pond, and settling tank cleaning.

The Dredge Sled is powered by the EDDY Pump which is a heavy-duty industrial non-clog slurry pump designed for industrial pumping and dredging applications.

Depending on your project, The EDDY Dredge Sleds are sized to meet our client’s requirements. Powered by the high-performance and low-maintenance EDDY Pump, our dredging equipment usually achieves 30-70% solids and handles high viscosity, high abrasion, and low pH materials without wearing down the pump or constant need for maintenance.

Main Applications: Lagoon Dredging, Dredging Containment Ponds, Settling & Digester Tank Cleaning, Heavy Metal Recovery, Fly Ash, Mine Tailings Transfer

How the Dredge Sled Works

The term slurry is widely used in industrial applications. Slurry widely varies depending on the size of the grain, aggregation, distribution, cohesiveness, pH levels, flow characteristics, sedimentation rates and the specific gravity of the material. The Dredge Sled has been deployed across remote mining sites in Australia for over 15 years to combat mine tailings. This rugged yet simple design uses commonly accessible parts to ensure maximum uptime and easy repairs. The main components include diesel-electric power station, floating barge attached to shore by a cable and winch system. The EDDY Pump is lowered into the lagoon and stabilized with a sled to begin dredging. Optional water jetting rings are available for maximum agitation when desired.

The patented Dredge Sled is a simple, efficient and easy to use alternative to more complicated heavy duty dredging equipment. The best solution for shallow pond or lagoon dredging.

Slurry Removal

Slurry Pits for Mining and Mineral Recovery.

Sludge Removal

Sludge cleanup from settling tanks & digester tanks

Alternate Deployment Setup With Self-Priming Pump


EDDY pump offers multiple dredge sled pump deployment options, including using a standard submersible EDDY Pump or a Self-Prime Pump Trailer option.

Using a self-priming pump in conjunction with the Dredge Sled offers several advantages:

  • Limits pump corrosion in harsh environments
  • Less weight to float
  • Easier pump serviceability
  • Much safer for ponds with delicate liners

The Dredge Sled excels at removing sediment from bodies of water, lakes or holding ponds. The system is also deployed for desludging settling tanks.  A single Dredge Sled is typically deployed to bodies of water up to 20,000 square meters. In addition, the EDDY Dredge Sleds are engineered and sized to meet the clients’ requirements. Contact us to help with your project.

The equipment is ideal for lagoon sizes of 330 ft (100m) squared to 660 ft (200m) squared. Roughly 1.5 to 4 acres and upto about 16 feet (5m) deep. 5,000 to 20,000 Cy3 of material. Dimensions are rough guidance, call with questions.

Shore Based Anchor System

  • Dredge a section, unpin and roll anchors to new location.
  • Easily drive pins into ground, simple and fast.
  • The ultimate shallow lagoon dredge system

Easily Transported – Single Container

  • Able to fit all components within a small storage container for easy job access and relocation.
  • 1-2 Men needed to setup and deploy in four hours.

Dredge With Precision

EDDY pump offers an effective solution to track precisely where you are dredging at all times.  Take out the guesswork and use detailed real-time information to your advantage.

  • View Reach, Depth, and Precise GPS Location in Real-time
  • Optimizes Production
  • Dredge Only Target Material
  • Prevents Over-dredging
  • Increased Project Speed
  • Reduces Equipment Maintenance

Dredge Sled – System Specs

Dredge Sled Advantages

  • Patented Design
  • Electric  powered pump – Never worry about oil, fuel, or hydraulic fluid spills
  • Hydraulic powered pump options also available
  • Low turbidity – low suspension of solids, reduce ecological damage
  • Rugged, simple design – ensures maximum uptime and easy maintenance
  • Quiet – Quiet operation to reduce noise pollution
  • Easily transported – Unit fits in a 20ft closed container
  • Rental Available – Ability to rent for smaller or one-off projects
  • User friendly – able to be operated by a person who rents equipment, 1 manned operator
  • No Downtime – Ponds can remain operational while unit is deployed
  • Liner-safe – Submersible gliding dredge which lacks a cutterhead greatly helps to protect poly/clay liners from damage
  • Automation – Unit can be operated autonomously using a rail system

System Components

  • EDDY Pump and Sled with Pontoons
  • Suction head with winches system
  • Electrical control panel
  • Main Pump Power cable, 311 feet (95 meters)
  • Handheld remote depth control
  • Battery 12V HD with solar power charging system
  • Cable and hose floats
  • Ropes, pulleys and shore anchoring system
  • Hydraulic Systems Include the HPU
  • Electric Powered Systems VFD priced separate
  • OPTIONAL. Container to house the entire unit
  • OPTIONAL. Discharge Hose

Land Winch System

  • Continuous loop rope system
  • Line pull winch, land-based, 110 VAC Single Phase Winch
  • Remote operated and stop sensors
  • Can be completely automated with the installation of guide rails

Pontoon Assembly

  • Floats – HDPE filled with urethane foam filled with polyethylene and UV protected
  • Frame Structure – For process ponds, tailings storage, heavy metal recover – Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel (optional)


Pump Power Requirements

  • Requirements vary based on pump size and motor type, Electric OR Hydraulic.

Pond or Lagoon Size (Ideal Sizes)

  • All shapes and sizes can be accommodated. The following are typical pond sizes for the 4-inch EDDY Pump Dredge Sled. Call with questions.
  • Min Depth Needed 24-38 inches, varies depending on size. Call us.
  • Dredge Up to 16-18 Feet deep (5M)
  • Ideal for for 5,000 Cy3 to 20,000 Cy3 sized ponds
  • Between 330 ft (100m) squared to 660 ft (200m) squared
  • Lagoons Roughly 1.5 to 4 acres in size
  • For deeper or larger volume projects see Autonomous Dredge
  • NOT ideal for open bodies of water without two anchor points accessible on each side of the dredging area (shown in the photo below)
dredge sled typical configuration two anchor points

Dredge Sled Photo Gallery

Applications – Pond & Lagoon Dredging

Mine Tailing Transfer

Mineral tailing ponds generate significant amounts of hazardous solid and liquid mine waste such as: heavy metals, metalloids, radioactive waste, acidic water, and process chemicals. These wastes (tailings) accumulate at the bottom of containment ponds, causing several environmental hazards and reduced water volume.

Containment Pond Maintenance

Containment ponds protect surface water and streams from dirty wastewater. Containment ponds are frequently used for water quality improvement, flood protection, and groundwater recharge. Sediment and sludge accumulate over time on the bottom, limiting water volume and creating environmental hazards. The dredge sled is a cost-efficient solution to desludge your settling tank.

Farm Pond Cleaning

A farm pond is used for irrigation, livestock feed, erosion control, or aquaculture. Over time within livestock farms, dense solid waste accumulates at the bottom while less dense materials float to the top, causing reduced water volume.

Lagoon Dredging

Lagoons are pond-like bodies of water that receive, store, and treat wastewater for a predetermined amount of time. Lagoon dredging is used when sediment buildup is accumulated over time. Neglecting to do lagoon dredging maintenance will cause excess muck and debris to float to the surface, creating a foul odor. When looking for lagoon dredging equipment, the dredge sled is an easy to operate and maneuver allowing you to easily deepen and restore its look and color.

Heavy Metal Recovery

Removing heavy metals within wastewater, such as copper, lead, zinc, silver, and other metals, is a challenge and often regarded as uneconomic. The dredge sled removes these harmful metals through physical agitation while retaining cost efficiency. Use a dredge sled to re-run target materials through your process plant to create an ROI with your Dredge Sled.

Wastewater Management

Proper wastewater management is essential to ensure optimal system functionality. It is vital to maintain proper sediment control and water depths, especially with digester tanks and settling tanks. Sediment buildup will reduce water volume and compromise the integrity of the wastewater system. Dredging is a necessary method to return the lake or pond to a functional and efficient system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dredge Sled?

A Dredge Sled is a patented lagoon dredging equipment designed to efficiently remove sediment, sludge, and other materials from water bodies such as lagoons, ponds, and small lakes. It is a portable, cost-effective solution for maintaining water quality and capacity.

How does the Dredge Sled work?

The Dredge Sled operates by being towed across the bottom of a lagoon or pond. As it moves, its specialized design agitates and loosens the sediment, which is then pumped out through a connected hose or pipe. The process is continuous, allowing for efficient removal of materials.

What are the benefits of using a Dredge Sled?

The Dredge Sled offers several advantages, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to traditional dredging methods
  • Portability and ease of deployment
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Ability to operate in shallow or small water bodies
  • Reduced downtime for lagoons and ponds
Can the Dredge Sled be used in any type of lagoon or pond?

The Dredge Sled is versatile and can be used in various types of water bodies, including industrial lagoons, agricultural ponds, and municipal water treatment facilities. However, it is best suited for shallow to medium-depth lagoons and ponds.

What types of materials can the Dredge Sled remove?

The Dredge Sled is capable of removing a wide range of materials, including:

  • Sludge and bio-solids
  • Sediments and sand
  • Algae and aquatic weeds
  • Debris and waste materials
How is the removed material disposed of?

The material removed by the Dredge Sled can be disposed of in various ways, depending on its composition and local regulations. Common methods include dewatering and disposal in landfills, land application as fertilizer, or further treatment and reuse.

Is the Dredge Sled environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Dredge Sled is designed to have minimal environmental impact. It operates without chemicals and can be used to maintain water quality and ecosystem health in lagoons and ponds.

How long does setting up and operating the Dredge Sled take?

The setup time for the Dredge Sled is relatively short, typically taking a few hours to deploy and connect to the pumping system. Operation time varies depending on the size of the lagoon or pond and the amount of material to be removed.

Can the Dredge Sled be operated remotely?

Depending on the model and configuration, some Dredged Sleds can be equipped with remote control systems, which allow operators to manage the equipment from a safe distance.