Dredge Services & Dredge Project Consulting

In the over two decades of designing world-leading pump technology for the dredging industry, Eddy Pump Corporation has developed practical experience to offer professional dredging services.

EDDY Pump Corporation has the ability to provide turnkey dredging services and solutions to our clients all over the world. We have over 30 years of experience completing the toughest dredging projects in the industry. Many of our dredge pump and barge solutions are custom built for the client’s unique application. This includes mobilizing our dredging equipment, staffing the project with experienced dredge crew and handling the entire material disposal.

With the experience of over more than two decades in the dredging industry, Eddy Pump can provide dredging services in the most demanding of projects. This allows the end client to save thousands if not millions on equipment costs and maintenance.

In addition, we have a network of expert dredge and dredging service contractors who are highly experienced in providing dredging contracting service and are highly adept at utilizing a variety of Eddy Pump equipment.

For nearly all dredging services, we pair the Eddy Pump dredge equipment (hydraulic or electric) with the most leading heavy-duty dredging and dewatering methods utilizing geotextile bags, hydro-cyclones, mechanical presses, and other dewatering methods.

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Dredging Contractor Service

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Dredge Project Services

Hydrographic Surveys

EDDY Pump is built upon the understanding that hydrographic surveying is an integral function of the marine construction process and demands the highest level of quality and attention to detail. Our staff brings decades of professional experience acquiring multi-beam, single-beam, sidescan, and Remote operated vehicle sonar data in the most challenging environments. The hydrographic surveys performed by Bay Marine Services adhere to IHO, USACE, and NOS Hydrographic Survey standards.

EDDY Pump has completed large and small scale hydrographic survey projects for governmental and private sector clients on the West Coast, Great Lakes, East Coast of the United States, and Mexico. Our products and analyses have received high praise for our thoroughness, expertise and prompt delivery.

EDDY Pump provides a variety of hydrographic services within the marine industry including:

  • Dredge Industry
  • Cable and Pipeline Routes
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Object and Wreck Detection
  • Dredge Positioning and Monitoring

Maintenance Dredging

Similar to other industrial processes, regular maintenance is required to keep the dredging system functional and free of any issues. Maintenance dredging is used to deepen or maintain navigable waterways or channels that have become silted. These waterways can become too shallow to navigate if sediment is left unmanaged. Lagoons and settling tanks are notorious for rapid sedimentation buildup, which needs to be removed annually to avoid reduced holding capacity, gunk/odor buildup, and murky water.

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Dredging Surveys

EDDY Pump provides hydrographic survey services for marine contractors, including channel and berth maintenance dredging, contaminated material remediation, capping, cable, and pipeline tracking and location services. These types of surveys require high accuracy and great attention to detail EDDY Pump is accustomed to providing.

EDDY Pump operates a fleet of state of the art survey vessels designed around the demands on the production dredging community. All of Bay Marine Services vessel has been designed to meet the standards of the US Coast Guard, Us Army Corps of Engineers and CARB regulations.

Cable & Pipeline Surveys

EDDY Pump offers the latest technology for locating and inspecting submerged cables and pipelines. Our services include multibeam sonar surveys, side-scan sonar surveys, gradiometer surveys, and both ROV imaging surveys both acoustic and visual. EDDY Pump can provide owners and contractors with the high-resolution imagery they need to for both the evaluation and construction of their projects.

Environmentals Remediation

EDDY Pump can help with all of your field data collection needs during the investigation, planning and, construction of your environmental remediation project. From providing high-resolution surveys and core sampling during the investigation phase of the project to, peer review of project methods prior to contracting, and contractor oversight and monitoring during construction.

Our dredge is designed to be the most precise dredge available, in order to only remove the target material and not over-dredge unwanted virgin material. This, in turn, lowers the cost and time of contaminant material treatment and overall dredging. The ability to dredge with little to no detectable turbidity creates the optimal environmental dredge for low turbidity dredging projects.

Object & Wreck Investigation

EDDY Pump can help with the location and identification of underwater objects and wrecks. We have experience working in some of the most challenging conditions and places on the Pacific Coast. Our capabilities include the ROV acoustic and video imaging, using high review.

Dredge Positioning

EDDY Pump can source and install custom dredge positioning and monitoring systems for Hydraulic, Bucket, or Hopper dredges as well as custom solutions for real-time monitoring of cap placement via hydraulic and mechanical methods. We have the ability to design, install, and support positioning systems using Winops, Dredge Pack, and Clam Vision software. In addition, EDDY Pump maintains an inventory of rental equipment for most dredge positioning needs.

Dredge Consulting

EDDY Pump provides dredge consulting services to help you plan and execute your dredging project within your desired budget and timeframe. Dredging project owners often need assistance with considerable planning, surveying, and proper equipment selection for a successful dredging operation. By leveraging our team of highly experienced engineers with over 25 years of dredging experience, you can ensure that your project goes as successfully as possible. Our dredge consulting services include the following:

  • Dredging project assessment
  • Pre-dredge Surveying
  • Dredge equipment design and engineering
  • Handling dredging permits
  • Optimizing project budget

Dredge Contractors

After 25 years of building and servicing the dredging industry, Eddy Pump has developed a network of the top dredge contractors all over the US and the world. These contractors utilize Eddy Pump’s dredging equipment to offer the lowest total cost dredging solution with the lowest environmental impact. This allows these dredging contractors to often save thousands if not millions on having to dewater contaminated and non-contaminated dredge sediment and work around expensive environmental restrictions.

We are an OEM dredge equipment manufacturer. If you need a Dredge Contractor, contact us, we can recommend an operator in your state. 

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If you are an experienced marine dredger looking to offer EDDY Pump Equipment, contact us also. 

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What We Need From You

Submit as much as you can. This two page form will help determine the pump size, power recommendations, and rotor to be paired with the pump. Project questions you should consider.

  • What type of material will be pumped? (sand, mud, coarser particles, sludge, etc)
  • Flow rate target goals?  (400 GPM, e.g.)
  • Length of pipeline?  (700 FT or M, e.g.)
  • Elevation rise of pipeline?  (20 FT or M, e.g.)
  • Type of pipeline? (plastic, metal, e.g.)
  • What is the density (specific gravity) of the material?
  • What is the viscosity (centipoise) of the material?

Why EDDY Pumps Are Better – Highlights

This video shows how EDDY Pump outperforms centrifugal pumps when pumping high solids abrasive, viscous or corrosive slurries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dredging, and why is it important?
Dredging is the process of excavating and removing sediment, debris, or other material from the bottom of bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, or harbours. It is crucial for maintaining navigable waterways, preventing flooding, restoring shorelines, and preserving aquatic ecosystems.

How does the EDDY Pump dredging system work?
The EDDY Pump utilizes a patented design that harnesses the power of a submersible, excavator-style pump. This technology allows for efficient suction and transportation of solids, slurry, and debris without clogging. The pump can handle a wide range of materials, from fine sand to large rocks, making it versatile for various dredging applications.

What types of projects can EDDY Pump dredging services accommodate?

Our dredging services are suitable for a wide range of projects, including but not limited to:

  • Navigational dredging for ports, harbours, and waterways
  • Environmental dredging for habitat restoration and pollution mitigation
  • Industrial dredging for mining operations, power plants, and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Municipal dredging for stormwater management and sediment removal


What are the advantages of choosing EDDY Pump for dredging services?

Non-clogging design: Our pump can handle high concentrations of solids without clogging, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
Cost-effective: The efficiency of our dredging system results in lower operational costs compared to traditional dredging methods.
Environmentally friendly: Our dredging technology minimizes turbidity and disturbance to aquatic habitats, promoting ecological sustainability.
Versatility: The EDDY Pump can adapt to various dredging conditions and materials, ensuring optimal performance in diverse environments.

How does EDDY Pump ensure project safety and compliance?
We prioritize safety and compliance in all our dredging projects. Our team consists of experienced professionals who adhere to industry best practices and regulatory requirements. We conduct thorough site assessments, implement appropriate safety measures, and monitor environmental impacts throughout the project lifecycle.

What is the typical timeline for a dredging project with EDDY Pump?
The timeline for a dredging project varies depending on factors such as project size, complexity, and environmental considerations. We work closely with clients to develop customized project plans and timelines to meet their specific needs and deadlines.

Can EDDY Pump provide ongoing maintenance services after completing the dredging project?
Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance services to help clients maintain the integrity and functionality of their water infrastructure. Our team can provide routine inspections, sediment management, and dredging maintenance to ensure long-term performance and compliance.

How can I request a quote for EDDY Pump dredging services?
To request a quote or learn more about our dredging services, please contact our team through our website or phone. We will be happy to discuss your project requirements, provide personalized recommendations, and offer competitive pricing options.

What are dredging services?
Dredging services involve the removal of sediment, debris, or other materials from the bottom of bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, or harbors. This process is essential for maintaining navigable waterways, restoring shorelines, and managing sediment accumulation.

What does a dredge do?
A dredge is a specialized equipment or vessel used to excavate and remove sediment, silt, sand, or other materials from underwater environments. It typically utilizes pumps or suction systems to dislodge and transport materials to a designated location.

What are the risks of dredging?
While dredging offers numerous benefits, there are also potential risks associated with the process. These may include environmental impacts such as habitat disturbance, sediment resuspension, and water quality degradation. Additionally, improper dredging practices can lead to regulatory violations and legal repercussions.

What is dredge material?
Dredge material refers to the sediment, silt, sand, or other materials that are excavated and removed during the dredging process. This material may vary in composition and can include organic matter, pollutants, or contaminants depending on the dredging site and surrounding environment.

Why is dredging good?
Dredging plays a vital role in maintaining navigable waterways, preventing flooding, restoring aquatic habitats, and supporting various industries such as shipping, construction, and resource extraction. It helps to improve water quality, enhance ecosystem health, and facilitate economic development.

Is dredging illegal?
Dredging itself is not illegal, but certain dredging activities may require permits or approvals from regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and the protection of natural resources. Engaging in unauthorized or unpermitted dredging activities can result in legal consequences.

What is the depth of dredging?
The dredging depth varies depending on the specific project requirements, objectives, and environmental conditions. Dredging operations can target shallow areas near shorelines or deep channels in water bodies to achieve desired navigation depths or sediment removal goals.

How long does dredging last?
The duration of a dredging project depends on various factors, including project size, complexity, equipment availability, and environmental considerations. Small-scale dredging projects may be completed within a few days or weeks, while larger-scale projects may span several months or years.

Is dredging noisy?
Dredging operations can produce noise due to the operation of equipment such as pumps, dredges, and vessels. The noise level generated during dredging can vary depending on the type of equipment used, proximity to residential areas, and mitigation measures implemented to minimize noise impacts on surrounding communities and wildlife.