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Commercial Dredging Services

EDDY Pump Corporation has the ability to provide turnkey dredging services and solutions to our clients all over the world. We have over 30 years experience completing the toughest dredging projects in the industry. Many of our dredge pump and barge solutions are custom built for the client’s unique application. This includes mobilizing our dredging equipment, staffing the project with experienced dredge crew and handling the entire material disposal.

Our specialized dredging equipment has been utilized all over the world for the most high-profile cleanup projects.  This is largely due to the specialization of our EDDY Pump and dredging equipment.  This enables us to pump a higher ratio of solids versus water while having the least amount of ecological and environmental disturbance.  The EDDY Pump allows material to be pumped with little to no detectable turbidity or contaminant re-suspension.

Furthermore because of the suction power of the EDDY Pump we are capable of pumping highly viscous sludge, slurries, clays and other materials that conventional equipment cannot. Decades of pumping experience has allowed us to continue to perfect our pump specifically for high solids.

Hydraulic Power System Design

Should your dredging project need a hydraulic power unit, we can build, deliver and setup a system. Visit the Hydraulic Power System Design Page HERE…

Past Projects:

Bauxite Red Mud Pumping, Fly Ash Pond Dredging, Coal Slurry Tailings Pumping, Barge Unloading, Oil Tailings Ponds, Sludge Pumping, Dredging of Concrete Lined Irrigation Canals, Clay Lined Pond Cleanup, Dredging of Poly Lined Tailings Ponds and many more.

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