Replacing the Centrifugal or Trash Pumps in Oil/Gas Drilling Operations

Learn about the drawbacks of utilizing centrifugal and trash pumps in oil/gas drilling operations and how the EDDY Pump can solve problems associated with these pumps.
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How Centrifugal Pumps are Currently Used in Drilling Operations

Centrifugal pumps or trash pumps are used around the rig site for various applications. These applications include pumping to the hydro-cyclones for cleaning drilling fluid, transferring drilling fluid from the walking drilling fluid pit (sand trap) to the mud system, pumping through the mixing hopper for mixing drilling fluid additives, charging pumps for the piston pumps, and transferring fluid from the storage tanks and back again.

application for replacing centrifugal pumps in oil drilling

The Problems Using Centrifugal and Trash Pumps in Drilling Applications

Centrifugal style pumps, including trash pumps, utilize a tight volute and an impellor to bring fluid through the blades of the impeller to push the fluid out. This works well for moving fluid and slurry but because the solids travel along the edges of the impeller the blades and volute housing erodes at a faster rate than the Eddy Pump design and technology.

Fluids are sheared through the action of the impeller which adds to the wear and can damage some more delicate product such as polymers. Mechanical seals are exposed to the fluids and can be damaged if these pumps are run dry. Loss of impellor width results in the loss of head pressure and the pump will not perform to the design specification. Frequent rebuilding is necessary to maintain the performance of these pumps.

The EDDY Pump Solution

EDDY Pumps operate with an open volute where the spinning of the rotor creates an eddy current effect that pulls in and pushes out the slurry. The rotor is recessed in the housing and thus, minimal wear is incurred over the life of the pump. Liquid pressurized double mechanical seals allow the pump to be run dry without damage.

Fluids are not sheared through this pump and fragile flocculated solids are maintained in some polymer applications. Mud rheology is not changed through the pump but actually maintained. The gentle mixing of the eddy current ensures chemicals are sufficiently blended in the fluid.

A 5-year study comparing the maintenance of the EDDY Pump with the records from centrifugal pumps prove that the Eddy Pump is the most economical pump on the market. The Eddy Pump can deliver required head pressure, move solids laden drilling fluids, liquids, or slurry fluids for today’s drilling environment.

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