The EDDY Smart Pump

How smart pumps work and tie into SCADA systems explained. Smart technology will help protect your pump in a wide range of industrial applications including slurry transfer, sewage, sludge, sand, gravel, mud pumping, mine tailings, dewatering and more.
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Strategic Maintenance And Remote Telemetry

SMART Pump Advantages

  • Cost Savings
  • Integrate with SCADA
  • SMART is Strategic Maintenance And Remote Telemetry
  • Prevent Unplanned Downtime
  • Improve Efficient Operation Points (RPM, Power, etc)
  • Prolong Pump Life, Prevent Equipment Abuse, and Set Auto Shut-Off to Stop Damage
  • Strategic Maintenance VS Unplanned Downtime Equals Cost Savings
  • OEM Support with Real-Time Streaming Pump Data

What is SMART Pump Technology?

Strategic Maintenance And Remote Telemetry

Run your pumps more efficiently, get real-time OEM support and save the project money. That’s SMART.

As the world continues to get “smarter”, more devices are rolling out with smart capabilities that allow products to be quickly interfaced with computers, in addition to phones and tablets. Now, a new category is emerging in the world of pumps and they’re being called smart pumps. A smart pump offers the ability to connect to other devices to both operate the pumps and to receive diagnostic information related to the performance of the pump. Smart pumps also offer the ability to install firmware or software updates for the purpose of improving performance.

New product lines of smart pumps are beginning to replace older pump systems around the world, owing to their ability to help extend the lifetime of the entire pump system through alerts and preventative maintenance. Smart pumps can achieve these sought-after performance metrics by utilizing a series of sensors that record critical data points which are sent back to the pump operator and the control computer. These sensors are used to relay any issues that may be happening with the pump or its performance. Many sensors and options can be monitored and activated right from a tablet or smartphone which is connected to the pump via Bluetooth.

This new smart pump technology is being distributed to residential and commercial markets and offers much more powerful features than that of the older model high-efficiency pumps. The combination of delicate sensors, bi-directional connectivity (i.e. Bluetooth, programming inputs and outputs), innovative pump control functions, and software updates are the features that make a pump “smart”.

The smart pump allows an array of industry-standard control monitoring, including:

  • Seal fluid pressure and temperature
  • Bearing temperature
  • Rotor RPM
  • Hydraulic pressure differential
  • Electric motor amp monitoring
  • Orientation sensor
  • Wireless Acoustic Slurry Flow Meter with Digital Display

What is SCADA?

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Deeper Look at Smart Controls

The Eddy Pump Smart Dredge Pumping System is completely remote operated and monitored.  By connecting the dredge embedded control system with existing SCADA systems, the dredge is capable of complete unmanned operation and enables less downtime associated with equipment failure.   Many common maintenance modes are performed autonomously during dredge operation.

The dredge control system allows for all functions of the dredge to be operated and monitored through traditional SCADA systems.  The dredging system incorporates a large degree of machine learning that allows the dredging system to self-tune for optimal operation within varying environments and materials to be removed.   Machine vision and precision GPS facilitates improved dredge operation and machine safety over that of seasoned human operators.

Dredge controls tune for smooth and efficient operation of typical machinery and loads such as;

  • Mooring winches for dredge movement
  • Lifting winch to raise and lower the dredge boom
  • Pump RPM control for optimal pipeline flow and pressure
  • Pump agitator control for optimal material mixing (mixers, cutter, etc)
  • Dredge booster pump control to maximize a given booster pumps ability to stabilize pipeline pressure required for changing materials at given pipeline locations.

All pertinent status and sensor data is logged and transmitted back to existing SCADA systems for operation, alarm monitoring, and maintenance schedule inputs.   This significantly reduces downtime for equipment failure by notifying abnormalities prior to complete failure.

Some of the primary sensors monitored include:

  • Pump pressure and temperature to compare with pump RPM and pipeline performance to monitor pump health
  • Pump seal temperature and pressure to compare with seal hours to monitor seal health
  • Dredge dynamics to monitor winch control system performance
  • Sound levels at specific frequencies and locations to facilitate potential early equipment failure.
  • Engine loads compared with pump output to protect for electro-mechanical-hydraulic failure modes.

The EDDY Smart Pump

EDDY Pump Corporation introduces the newest development in pump technology, the Smart Pump. This pump includes the smart capability of monitoring all critical functions and variables in any pump or dredging application. These sensors are used to virtually eliminate downtime caused by operator error or equipment malfunction while also optimizing pump and dredge performance.

Eddy Smart Pump Technology will be optionally equipped with radios to enable connections through Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, and satellite. The smart pump controller can be used as a simple pump controller or can be easily connected to larger systems such as a submersible dredge or surface dredge, enabling easy integration of all capabilities and sensors into more complex systems.

Smart Pump Benefits

The primary cause of pump and dredge downtime is faulty components and incorrectly used equipment. The Eddy Smart Pump controller protects the pump from most, if not all, possible failure conditions, even in an intentional and unattended state. As more smart pumps are put to use, the EDDY Smart Pump will be able to:

Improve OEM Service and Pump Maintenance: By using integrated hardware and sensors installed on the pumps, we can now have a direct look at the performance of deployed pumps. With the ability to monitor performance over time, service and pump maintenance support can be more proactive, as a result, extending the life of the pump.

Further product innovation: With smart pump technology, we can see how the end-user is operating the pump in real-time. Manufacturers can, in turn, use this data to improve features of the pump or reduce manufacturing costs for the next generation of products.

Optional Wireless Acoustical Slurry Flow Meter: With our innovative acoustical flow meter, you can wirelessly attach the device to any size slurry hose or pipeline from 1-inch to 24-inches. The meter measures the flow of liquid or slurry in real-time, allowing operators to fully optimize the use of the pump. In addition, installation takes less than an hour and comes with a digital display that can be mounted anywhere. The display will allow the pump operator to visually see real-time flow rates and adjust as needed to give maximum versatility.

Ultimately, historical and live telemetry of all pump and dredge pumps will be able to be viewed in real-time online. The most powerful feature, second to active pump protection, will be the ability to develop empirical pump performance metrics from all running systems which will greatly improve and simplify system designs for future products.

In summary, the smart pump is poised to be an absolute game-changer in the world of industrial pumps. Reduced downtime and higher production rates are entirely possible due to the smart pump’s unique ability to monitor a number of variables based on the conditions of the project. Contact us today to find out how the Smart Pump can benefit your operation.

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