COVID-19 Update. 100% Open

Updated Nov, 2021


  • We Are Open.  STRONG DEMAND and Running at high capacity. 
  • Support Is Available
  • We have inventory to Rent or Buy
  • Call to Plan your projects.

At this time EDDY Pump is open. We are continuing to support all clients and the US Navy.

Dredging & Pumping:

We have an inventory in stock of Excavator Attachments for rental or purchase and they can be reserved today. These can be deployed via Excavator, Cable Hung or Diver Operated.

As this health event runs its course, we continue to support our national infrastructure projects and US Military. Our supply chain is USA based and steady, so we are accepting new projects at this time.

Employee Safety:

We have taken internal steps to keep EDDY Pump employees safe with remote working, social distancing, video support to reduce travel and adherence to the CDC guidelines. The situation is ever-changing and we look forward to getting past this together.

Rental Fleet (In Stock)

Excavator Dredge Pump Attachments & Pumps

Call to Reserve – Booking Fast! 619-404-1916

Future Project or Current Project Equipment Upgrade?

Contact our business development team at 619-404-1916.