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Pump Applications

Mud, manure, and canal sediment are difficult materials to pump due to their viscous and abrasive nature. Learn how the EDDY Pump overcomes these issues with superior design and performance.
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Typical Agriculture Pump Applications:

agriculture and canal dredging applications

  • Sediment Removal From Canals or Irrigation Systems
  • Manure Handling & Transport
  • Dairy Lagoon Maintenance
  • General Desilting
  • Containment Runoff Pond Cleaning
  • Bagasse and Fly Ash Removal in Sugar Production

Agricultural Pumping Problems

Mud, manure, and sediment are difficult materials to pump due to their viscous and abrasive nature. Centrifugal pumps quickly get worn down and lose their tolerances and suction capabilities. This results in significant downtime and costly spare parts.

canal-dredging-excavator-dredger-attachmentCAT Excavator with 6-inch Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment removing material from a poly lined canal. Optional liner-safe wheels attached to ensure liner safety.

As unwanted sediment accumulates over time in various bodies of water used in agriculture, including rivers, canals, and containment ponds, it leaves less room for water containment and must be cleaned out. Due to the nature of the material, it can often be very costly and time-consuming to remove.

Canals and containment ponds continuously need to be cleared of excess sediment to increase capacity. Finding the right pump and dredging equipment can often be a complicated process.  Centrifugal pumps will only pump 10-20% solids by weight.  This means that most of the discharge is water and very little sediment is coming out of the pipeline. In contrast, the EDDY Pump design can pump 40-70% solid by volume, allowing you to pump less water and more solids.

Furthermore, the abrasive nature of mud, manure, and other abrasive sediments will destroy the impeller of centrifugal pumps and causes pump failures, costly repairs, and spare parts. Our pump has a high tolerance ultra-recessed rotor that withstands the destructive nature of abrasive mud, sand, and rocks.

Manure management is an integral part of the livestock and agricultural industry. EDDY Pump can be used for manure handling and transport from one point to another. The EDDY Pump is a non-clogging pump and can easily pass manure and other similar debris without clogging. Furthermore, since the EDDY Pump does not have an impeller, there is no issue with wearing down and losing tolerance.

The EDDY Pump can be run electrically or hydraulically and can be mounted stationary or to a trailer. The electric EDDY Pump can also be submersible if needed. In turn, the EDDY Pump will run continuously with significantly less spare parts needed and saving farms millions in total ownership cost over the life of the pumps.

Large dairy lagoons or waste lagoons are designed to hold and contain manure and other abrasive sediments to aid with anaerobic respiration as part of the system to manage and treat animal manure. Manure must be efficiently pumped into the lagoons from the animal holding pens. The EDDY Pump can be submerged in the holding tank to pump the material directly back into the lagoons or holding ponds.

Some industries, such as sugar production, produce large quantities of by-products, in this case, bagasse. On burning the dry bagasse at the sugar factory, it decomposes into a different by-product called fly-ash. Fly ash is much preferred for removal compared to bagasse, as fly ash is only about 1%-4% of its original bagasse weight. In a global sense, approximately 24 million tons of bagasse fly ash are produced annually.

Fly Ash remediation is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the sugar production industry. As regulatory standards increase, companies are looking to recycle and find more uses for their by-products. Companies are now using bagasse to aid with paper/pulp production, eliminating the need to burn it down to fly ash.


Equipment Options For Job:

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EDDY Pump Agriculture Pump Equipment

The EDDY Pump can be deployed in various dredge configurations to optimize cleanup of sediment and manure transfer.  Some of the ideal deployments for agricultural pumping are Excavator Pump Attachments, Self-Priming Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Liner-Safe Dredges, Cable-Deployed Pumps, Autonomous Dredges, and the Subdredge.

Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment

Excavator Dredge for Fly Ash

The EDDY Pump Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment is one of our most popular units.

It allows any power generation or contracting company with little or no experience in dredging to easily convert one of their existing excavators or a rental into a hydraulic dredge.  An excavator operator can then easily learn to operate the Excavator Pump Attachment with only a few hours of training.  The Excavator Pump gets pinned to the end of the excavator boom and can either be used with a cutterhead or a high-pressure jetting ring to agitate the material before pumping.

A slurry hose is then connected to the pump and run along the boom of the excavator over the back of the excavator and connected into the pipeline.  The pump can easily move material at rates of up to 400 cubic yards over distances of over a mile at solids rates of 40-70%.  This is all done creating little to no contaminant resuspension or detectable turbidity.  This is the most environmentally friendly dredge on the market.  Please click here to see more about the proper pump and excavator size for your application: Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment Info 

Self-Priming Pump

Most EDDY Pumps are submersible, with a self-priming unit, the pump and power unit are not submerged. The suction house goes into the slurry and the unit acts like a super-sized wet/dry vacuum. This type of pump can remove air on its own and continue operation without assistance, making it perfect for mounting on a trailer that can be wheeled from location to location. Becuase the pump is not submerged, both the operation and maintenance of self-priming pumps are economical and relatively easy.

Autonomous Dredge

For containment ponds and lagoons which need continuous dredging, the EDDY Pump Autonomous Dredge is a great solution that minimizes manpower and can run 24/7. This is a floating unit that is automated to run continuously without an operator. The pump is deployed from floats and can be powered by an electric or hydraulic power system. Autonomous Dredge Info Here.

Subdredge ROV

Coal Ash tool Subdredge ROV

The EDDY Pump Subdredge is ideal for dredging applications that call for great depths, precision dredging, unmanned operation, and liner dredging to name a few. This dredge costs a fraction of the cost of conventional dredges and can handle a larger variety of dredging applications. Increasing your ROI by design. Submersible Subdredge ROV Info Here.

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Agriculture Pumping Scenario

Applications: Irrigation Systems Desilting, Canal Cleaning & Dredging, Manure Transport, Containment Pond Dredging

The purpose of this page is to identify your application and learn more about an equipment solution to meet your needs. These are the most common agriculture pump applications that we work with. We are the OEM for the tools shown.

Application: Irrigation Canal Cleanout and Desilting. Removing excess sediment buildup and silt from irrigation canals.

Material: Mud. Viscous and Abrasive, in slurry form.

Common Mud Pumping Scenario:

The EDDY Pump Excavator Attachment is ideal for pumping excess sediment from canals, irrigation systems, rivers, lagoons or other ponds in a farm setting.   

By attaching the EDDY Pump to a standard boom or long boom excavator you can get reach of up to 75-ft and handle the most difficult applications.  The EDDY Pump allows you to pump mud at distances over 2-miles at production rates of up to 600 cubic yards of mud per hour or 5000 GPM.  

Optional upgrade, add liner-safe rollers, it also gives you the ability to dredge poly-lined reservoirs.

Below are commonly distances we see, along with a pump curve to match the details. Contact us with your exact numbers.

Distance: 2500 ft

Vertical Rise: 30 ft

Production: 1414 GPM

Equipment Used: EDDY Pump 6 Inch Excavator Attachment. Cutter Head OR Roller Wheel setup for concrete-lined canals.

Excavator Type: Ten-ton or larger

Optional HPU: Excavator powered attachment OR a separate Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) will power the pump attachment.  The ideal option is based on your project requirements.

See How EDDY Pumps Are Better

Fly Ash Similar to Agg Slurry

If you have questions about your farm application, contact us.

Agriculture Pumping Photos

Photos of recent agriculture pumping and dredging projects. Canals & irrigation systems and agricultural slurry ponds are primary clients of EDDY Pump.

Why EDDY Pumps Are Better – Highlights

This video shows how EDDY Pump beats out traditional centrifugal pumps when it comes to tough slurry and abrasive materials. EDDY Pump is the at the heart of all of our featured dredge pump equipment including the Remote Operated Subdredge, Diver Operated Pump and a Excavator Attachment Dredge Pump.

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