Chemical Pump Applications

With chemical processing, highly corrosive chemicals are often employed to aid in the manufacturing process, however, these materials can quickly wear down standard pump components. Learn how the EDDY Pump can be the top choice for chemical applications.

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Some typical chemical processing applications for slurry pumps include:

Transferring abrasive and corrosive chemicals: Slurry pumps are used to transfer abrasive and corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and slurries, which can cause damage to other types of pumps.

  • Mixing and blending: Slurry pumps mix and incorporate chemical compounds, ensuring a consistent and homogenous mixture.
  • Filtration: Slurry pumps transfer liquids through filters to remove impurities and ensure the final product meets quality standards.
  • Solids handling: Slurry pumps transfer and handle solid materials such as powders and granules in chemical processing applications.
  • Evacuation of settled solids: Slurry pumps transfer the settled solids from the bottom of the tanks, clarifiers, or thickeners.
  • Dosing and metering: Slurry pumps transfer and measure specific chemicals in the production process.
  • Leaching and extraction: Slurry pumps transfer the slurry of reagents and ore in the leaching and extraction of certain chemicals.
  • Waste management: Slurry pumps transfer waste chemicals and sludge to treatment or disposal areas.

Overall, Slurry pumps are versatile and durable enough to handle the harsh conditions of chemical processing. They can transfer a wide range of fluids, including abrasive, viscous, and corrosive materials, making them essential equipment in the chemical processing industry.

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Chemical Pumping Scenario

chemical sludge pumping

Applications: Chemical Manufacturing, Pumping Sludge From Semiconductor Industry, Corrosive Sludge Pumping, Cement Plants, and Paper & Pulp Production

Application: Corrosive sludge sump cleanout. Removing sludge buildup and chemical waste from manufacturing sumps.
Material: Chemical sludge. Viscous, corrosive and abrasive.

Common Chemical Sludge Scenario:

The EDDY Pump is ideal for pumping corrosive and abrasive chemical slurries from sumps, pits, and open ponds.  

By mounting the submersible EDDY Pump to a chemical sump or collection tank, you will be able to handle the most difficult chemical pumping applications.  The EDDY Pump allows you to pump corrosive chemicals at distances over 2-miles at production rates of up to 600 tons of slurry per hour or 5000 GPM.  

Optional upgrade: Add a chopper, which gives you the ability to pump solids that tend to clog pumps such as rags and rope, eliminating the risk of clogging further downstream in the process.

Below are commonly distances we see, along with a pump curve to match the details. Contact us with your exact numbers.

Distance: 1500 ft
Vertical Rise: 50 ft
Production: 600 GPM

Equipment Used: EDDY Pump 6 Inch Submersible Sump Pump.
Power Options: EDDY Pump equipment can be powered by electric or hydraulic motor setups.  The ideal option is based on your project requirements.

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Photos of recent chemical pumping and dredging projects.

Why EDDY Pumps Are Better – Highlights

This video shows how EDDY Pump beats out traditional centrifugal pumps when it comes to tough slurry and abrasive materials. EDDY Pump is the at the heart of all of our featured dredge pump equipment including the Remote Operated Subdredge, Diver Operated Pump and a Excavator Attachment Dredge Pump.

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