This raw drone video shows a recent barge unloading project using the 8-inch EDDY Pump. The hydraulic driven pump is pumping mud out of a 2000 cubic yard barge and transporting it about 1000 feet away. It only took 1.5 hours to unload this material. The original plan allocated a day for the project.

This pump can be deployed from a barge-based excavator, crane, long boom or with a cable. Call to discuss the options for your project.

barge unloading mud jetting system 8 inch pump

Off the shelf jetting rings were tested in the past, they tended to be expensive and didn’t deliver solid results. As usual, we fabricated our own unit in-house (pictured above) and the results were great.

The water jetting rings can be used to inject water into the material and for breaking the material up. The GPM of water can be adjusted so the solids level are kept high and the pump moves a high percentage of material with less water. This saves in transportation and or dewatering costs.

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