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Drilling Mud Oil Pumps

Drilling mud is the thick, viscous mud used in oil and gas drilling operations. Learn about how drilling mud is processed and how the cuttings are transported with ease with the use of an EDDY Pump.
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EDDY Pump industrial drilling mud pumps are non-clog pumps designed for high solids industrial oil & gas pumping applications. Our patented EDDY pump technology outperforms all centrifugal, vortex and positive displacement pumps in a variety of the most difficult pumping applications.

Learn Why Our Oil and Gas Pumps Have Higher Production and More Uptime

Main Applications:  Oil & Gas, Drill Cuttings Removal, Process Pumping, Mining, Wastewater, Chemical, Sludge, Coal Ash and much more.


The adjustable size, ultra recessed EDDY rotor seen above can pass the largest material in the industry due to no critical tolerances between the rotor and volute.

In harsh conditions with sand, sludge, rocks, slurry, normal slurry pumps clog, wear and fail more often. This leads to downtime for maintenance, hurting your bottom line. This is NOT the case with the EDDY Pump, since we have the tolerance to pump objects up to 11 inches without clogging!

We Pump Solids
Not Water

The NoEx Drill Cuttings Removal System

8-inch slurry pump 400 hp electric motor

The EDDY Pump can pass solids from 1-11 inches (rocks, rags, debris). The EDDY Pump’s open rotor design incorporates the power of a tornado which keeps the abrasive material away from the internal pump components. Coupled with the pump’s high tolerance, this will allow anything that will go into the intake to be passed through the discharge without issues.

Tolerance between the rotor and the volute in the 4″ EDDY Pump easily allows the passage of a man’s arm (*see picture below). Compared with the tolerance in a centrifugal pump, the EDDY Pump easily wins. Over the span of our 2-inch through 12-inch EDDY Pump line, the tolerance ranges from 1-11 inches. 

This translates to a significant amount of solids and debris pass through, without clogging the pump.  To learn more about the technology behind our pumps continue reading Here.

Why EDDY Solids Handling Pumps are Better

The EDDY High Solids Pump Makes Slurry and Mud Move Like Water.
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Solids Control Equipment Used in Drilling Operations

Solids control equipment including shakers, hydro-cyclones, and centrifuges are utilized to clean the drill cuttings from the drilling fluid, which then allows it to be reused and recirculated. The circuit includes the mixing of the drilling fluid in the rig tanks.

The drilling fluid is prepared to control fluid loss to the formation by the addition of chemicals or mineral agents. Commercial barite or other weighting agents are added to control the hydrostatic pressure exuded on the bottom of the well which controls formation pressures preventing fluid or gas intrusion into the wellbore.

The fluid is charged into high-pressure mud pumps which pump the drilling mud down the drill string and out through the bit nozzles cleaning the hole and lubricating the drill bit so the bit can cut efficiently through the formation. The bit is cooled by the fluid and moves up the space between the pipe and the hole which is called the annulus. The fluid imparts a thin, tough layer on the inside of the hole to protect against fluid loss which can cause differential sticking.

The fluid rises through the blowout preventers and down the flowline to the shale shakers. Shale shakers are equipped with fine screens that separate drill cutting particles as fine as 50-74 microns. Table salt is around 100 microns, so these are fine cuttings that are deposited into the half-round or cuttings catch tank. The drilling fluid is further cleaned with the hydro-cyclones and centrifuges and is pumped back to the mixing area of the mud tanks where the process repeats.

The drill cuttings contain a layer of drilling fluid on the surface of the cuttings. As the size of the drill cuttings gets smaller the surface area expands exponentially which can cause rheological property problems with the fluid. The fluid will dehydrate and may become too thick or viscous to pump so solids control and dilution are important to the entire drilling process.

Features and Benefits

The Ideal Process Pump for Slurry, Sludge, Grit, Fly Ash, Paste and Scum.

Commercial Pump Line Brochure PDF (View)eddy pump total cost data

EDDY Pump Advantages

  • Non-Clog, High Viscosity, High Specific Gravity, High Abrasives, Low pH Pumping Design
  • 40-70% Solids Pumping by Volume
  • Ability to pump objects of up to 11-inches in diameter
  • 100% American Built
  • State-of-the-Art Research and Development Facilities on site
  • Easily process rags, string, rocks and foreign objects


  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Submersible / Immersible
  • Process Pump Applications
  • Electric or Hydraulic Powered
  • Various Metals Available
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Self-Priming
  • Trailer / Skid Mounted
  • Bearing House / Close-Coupled
  • Automated Controls

Pump Features

  • Non-Clogging Design
  • High Solids Handling
  • High Viscosity and Specific Gravity Handling
  • High Abrasives Handling
  • No Critical Tolerances
  • Low Maintenance
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Low Ownership Costs

Pump Line & Spec Sheets

The Commercial and HD EDDY Pumps power our process pumps, dredge equipment and excavator attachments.

EDDY Pump Deployment Options

Flooded Suction Pumps

With flooded suction pumps, the fluid to be pumped is positioned above the pump. With the pump positioned below, gravity can feed the fluid into the suction of the pump and keep the pump primed.

Submersible Pumps

Pumps that are completely submerged in the liquid are called submersible pumps. By being submerged in the fluid to be pumped, there is no need for priming.

Self-Priming Pumps

With a self-priming unit, the pump and power unit are not submerged. The suction hose goes into the slurry and the unit acts like a super-sized wet dry vacuum. Can be trailer mounted for added mobility.

The NoEx System Allows You to Pump From the Tailings Tank Directly Into the Truck!

Eliminate the costly need for excavators and hazardous conditions for on-site personnel.

We are one of the few companies who manufactures both our pumps and dredging equipment to ensure optimal support. All equipment Powered by EDDY Pump.

The Best Non-Clog and High Solids Slurry Pump on the Market. Since 1984.

Best Applications: If you are pumping slurry, high solids, extremely viscous material, paste, high abrasives (sand & gravel) and material filled with solids, then you found the ideal pump for your job. Call Us.

Industries Most Served: Mining, Fly Ash, Coal Ash Pumping, Oil and Fracking, Waste Water, Paper/Pulp, Chemical, Energy, Water Districts, Irrigation Districts and Dredging Companies. 

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Fully assembled dredge pump easily lets an arm pass through. Rags, 1-9 inch rocks and debris can easily pass through an EDDY pump.


Strategic Maintenance And Remote Telemetry

SMART Pump Advantages

  • SCADA Integration
  • Cost Savings
  • SMART is Strategic Maintenance And Remote Telemetry
  • Prevent Unplanned Downtime
  • Improve Efficient Operation Points (RPM, Power, etc)
  • Prolong Pump Life, Prevent Equipment Abuse, and Set Auto Shut-Off to Stop Damage
  • Strategic Maintenance VS Unplanned Downtime Equals Cost Savings
  • OEM Support with Pump Data Streaming in Real-Time
  • Learn More About Smart Pumps

Wireless Acoustic Slurry Flow Meter
A state of the art flow meter that can be installed in less than an hour to any size hose or pipe from 1-inch to 24-inch and measures the flow of slurry in realtime on an easily mounted digital display.

The optional SMART upgrade connects your pump or dredge equipment to the web and internal SCADA system. This allows for real-time monitoring of the unit after startup which helps prevent damage, downtime and ensure longer pump life. All of this saves money for your project.

Active monitoring allows for the operator to have more precise control over material throughput and ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI) on the EDDY Pump dredge equipment you own.

Read about SMART Pump Techchnology...

Slurry Pumps – Commercial or Heavy Duty

 For assistance Call 619-258-7020 and let us help match your project with the right pump. Choose from the Commercial Pump Line or the HD Pump Line.

* Standard performance curve using water. Our pump is specialized for solids, slurry, grit and viscous material. Our water GPM and stats are only listed because there is no industrial standard to measure the material EDDY Pump moves. Contact us to discuss your project and specific material transport requirements.

* A majority, 98 percent of our clients use our pumps for non-water applications.

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