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Learn how the EDDY Pump can be used in for a variety of food processing and food waste applications to save your company thousands of dollars per year.
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In the food industry, managing waste is an important step to ensuring stable production rates. Pumps play a huge role in managing multiple types of waste, making it essential to choose the best pumps for pumping food and animal waste and byproducts. For food waste, a pump is needed that can reliably pump tough solids and not be prone to clogging which could only lead to downtime and loss of production. Due to the high chance of clogging occuring, centrifugal pumps, which are great for moving clear water, are not typically suited for the heavy duty demands of pumping solids.

Centrifugal pumps exhibit critical tolerances between the impeller and pump casing, which makes it very hard to pass large solids without damaging or clogging the pump impeller. The EDDY Pump does not have an impeller, but instead a geometrically designed spinning rotor that creates an eddy current. Based on this design a higher suction is created without being restricted by critical tolerances other pumps are forced to abide by. This design allows the EDDY slurry Pump to easily handle material once deemed impossible or too cost prohibitive.

Meat and Poultry Processing Waste

The meat and poultry processing industries produce a significant amount of waste, most commonly in the form of animal offal, wastewater, and chemical byproducts. Pumping tough solid waste like what’s found in the meat and poultry industry is difficult and causes problems for many different types of pumps. These solids can clog pumps and create other problems in production. A macerator or chopper attachment can help to reduce the size of food solids before they even enter the pumping system. Additional grinders, set up in a sequence, are often the route taken to fully treat the liquid before disposal. This ensures the waste complies with the local regulations in regards to organic waste handling.

Fish Food Waste

The offshore and fishing industry has a significant need for efficient ways to transport and unload large quantities of fish waste. Fish waste is a highly viscous slurry of fish parts, scales, guts, and bones which requires a high solids handling pump to consistently unload without issues. Along with being viscous, the slurry is also highly abrasive, containing a large volume of solids which can quickly wear down the internal components of low tolerance pumps, making the EDDY Pump an optimal choice for replacing existing fish waste pumps. The EDDY Pumps open rotor design with high tolerances allow anything that will go into the suction end is passed through the discharge without issues. This allows pumping of a significant amount of solids and debris that will pass through without clogging the pump. The superior EDDY Pump patented design translates to significant maintenance cost reductions and the ability of the EDDY Pump to exceed other pumps in handling all aspects of fish waste.

Fruit & Vegetable Waste

Vegetable processing, especially with potatoes and tomatoes, has an increasing need for reliable solids handling pumps that are capable of pumping starchy, thick slurries with a percentage of solids. Vegetable waste often includes seeds, skins, pulp and other fibrous material that can cause significant problems in pumps in the form of clogging and quickly wearing down pump parts. When these issues start to happen regularly to the installed pumps, significant downtime is likely and it’s a position no company wants to find themselves in. Therefore, investing in the right kind of pump from the onset will eliminate this problem from occurring, saving your countless hours of production time. This waste needs to be removed and disposed of quickly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective way.

Sugar Production & Refining Waste

As the sugar juice process is high in water solution, the current method of fluid transfer using centrifugal pumps seems to be satisfactory. However, some of the by-products produced in the sugar manufacturing process may be suited to transfer using an aggressive and particle tolerant means of pumping such as the EDDY Pump line of slurry and process pumps.

Mill mud and fly ash are two sugar production byproducts that are well suited as an EDDY Pump application. Additionally, the transfer of molasses concentrate and when combined with cattle feed may also provide ideal applications for the use of the EDDY Pump.

Additional sugar processing pump applications may be realized when loading and unloading bulk sugar to the holds of ocean vessels. The common practice is to use a feeder pump drawing sugar crystals from an inclined conveyor directing the feed to those parts of the ship’s hold as required. However, many importing countries (often third world economies) still use a clamshell bucket on a jib crane boom to unload. This method of unloading, while not in any way universal, is quite slow and laborious and prone to product losses resulting from poor loading/unloading practices.



EDDY Pump is Top Choice for Food Waste Pumps

As you can see in the 4″ EDDY Pump shown below, the tolerance between the rotor and the volute easily allows the passage of a man’s arm, while the tolerance in a centrifugal pump is significantly less. In a 1-inch to 12-inch EDDY Pump the tolerance ranges from 1-12 inches.

Non-Clog EDDY Pump

The adjustable size, extremely recessed rotor can pass the largest sized solids in the industry. In harsh conditions with sand, sludge, rocks, slurry, traditional pumps clog, wear and fail more often. This leads to unwanted downtime for repairs and maintenance, ultimately hurting your bottom line. Not the case with the EDDY Pump, since we have the tolerance to pump objects up to 12 inches!

You can be confident you will be rewarded with less clogging, lower maintenance costs, more uptime leading to higher production using the EDDY Pump. Call us to match the right sized pump to your job.

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