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EDDY Chopper Pumps for Sewage and Large Solids

Adding a chopper to a slurry pump can greatly enhance downstream operations in sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Learn how the EDDY Chopper Pump can be of benefit to your application. Browse Our Slurry PumpsContact Us For a Fast Quote

Dealing with a clogged pump or pipe is never fun. When the blockages involve sewage and other forms of hazardous waste, routine cleaning chores can become a health hazard. Keeping sewage pump stations and treatment plants running smoothly not only saves money, but it also results in higher job satisfaction among the maintenance team.

The type of pump used for primary processing plays a large role in the likelihood of clogging. Some pump designs simply can’t compete with others when it comes to sewage that contains some of the largest possible solids of all slurries. The EDDY pump, in particular, shines for wastewater treatment and sewage handling applications thanks to its unique open design that handles the largest possible debris. Don’t let the challenges of sewage and other slurries with large solids slow down your plans when we have the EDDY Chopper Pump to suit practically any sewage, wastewater, or high-solids applications.

The Challenges of Sewage Pumping

It’s not just the unusually large size of solids that make sewage pumping and wastewater treatment handling so challenging. The nature of the solids in question also plays a role in the likelihood of clog formation. Sewage from toilet facilities is particularly likely to form clogs due to the use of toilet paper and flushable wipe products. While most toilet papers break down by the time the material reaches a sewage pump, flushable wipes tend to clump together due to their long, thin shape and tough fibrous texture.

Combine these easy to snag solids with malleable mixtures that act like clay when caught against another item and you can easily understand why sewage pumps can bind up so quickly and completely. Even with care, many sewage pumping stations find themselves replacing their primary pumps annually or even every few months due to the intense amounts of wear and tear on the equipment. If the pumps manage to run for a few years without replacement, it’s usually due to extensive cleaning routines that involve many hours of extra labor per month. Chopper pumps are ideal for sewage processing applications because the internal chopping mechanism breaks up large solids before they reach the pump. Add smaller solids to the large internal capacity of the EDDY pump design and you have a winning combination for avoiding sewage clogs in even the most challenging systems.

Commercial Sewage Applications

The majority of sewage pumps are installed at wastewater treatment plants and similar facilities, but they have many other uses. Large facilities like hotels, campgrounds, and amusement parks often rely on these pumps to move sewage to a distant holding tank or far-off sewer connection point. Any bathroom facility located below the sewage connection or septic tank will require some kind of pump to lift the slurry to its intended destination. Receiving stations that handle deliveries from septic tank and portable toilet trucks also need these pumps to distribute the raw sewage to the various storage or processing areas. These pumps are also required for other types of sewage that aren’t generated by human sources. The same slurry pumps used for bathroom facilities work well for moving valuable manure slurries around, which often feature solids even larger and more challenging to pump than those found in sewage. Manure processing can yield valuable fertilizer products while protecting local waterways from toxic runoff, but only if the treatment facility has the right slurry pumps for separating and moving the various raw materials.

The Power of the EDDY Pump For Sewage and Wastewater

The EDDY Slurry Pump isn’t like other pump designs created for sewage handling. Only this pump harnesses the power of the eddy current to create a strong flow and plenty of suction with a small and open rotor. Since there’s no need for the rotor to pass close to the internal walls to generate pressure, very large solids can flow through without getting caught and causing a clog. The EDDY pump’s ability to handle a slurry with up to 70 percent solids and a high viscosity makes it ideal for handling sewage from bathrooms featuring ultra-low flow fixtures. Even with low levels of water, the pump manages to move the same amount of solids of distances up to one mile. With the right pump design, solids of up to 11 inches can pass without clogging the pump. There’s no need to deal with constant unclogging, fussy filters, or regular replacements due to abrasion or corrosion when you choose the EDDY pump.

Adding a Chopper Accessory to the EDDY Pump System

While the EDDY Pump is perfectly capable of passing solid laden sewage on its own, to ease the burden on downstream pumps, a chopper accessory can be added to break down the larger solids into more manageable sizes. Our chopper pump accessory, in particular, is a natural fit for boosting the sewage pumping power of the EDDY current design. By creating a more uniform size for solids suspended within the slurry, you can increase your entire production and pump performance without having to alter the rest of the system.

Consider the EDDY pump for your sewage system. Whether you need to lift waste out of a wet well system or need to improve your wastewater processing times, we have a pump designed for your needs.

Eddy Pump For High Viscosity

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