The Best Way to Process Sensitive Slurry & Maintain Slurry Integrity

Sensitive slurry can be defined as a solids/liquid mixture that is delicate and must pass through the pump without damaging the solids contained within the slurry.
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Sensitive Slurry Applications

Food Industry – Clams, Shellfish, Cheese & Curd Pumps Minerals – Delicate Sand for Glass Making Pharmaceutical Slurry- Various Slurry Used for Pharmaceuticals

Animation of how the EDDY Pump keeps sensitive solids intact and contained within slurry away due to the EDDY Pump’s highly recessed rotor. Little to no solid material comes into contact with the moving parts of the EDDY Pump, ensuring the integrity of your slurry throughout the pumping process.
Types of Sensitive Slurry:

  • Shellfish Dredging
  • Animal Byproducts for Downstream Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Slurry
  • Various Chemical Slurries

The Difficulty Pumping Sensitive Slurry

When it comes to sensitive slurry, or a type of slurry in which the integrity of the solids must be maintained, they can be be troublesome to pump. Traditional centrifugal pumps with high critical tolerances will typically pulverize the slurry as it enters and leaves the pump, rendering it unusable for downstream processes. Maintaining the integrity of slurry is a common request found in many different industries including pharmaceutical slurry, shellfish dredging, animal slurry, chemical slurry, and more.

Due to the EDDY Pump’s ultra-recessed rotor, very few, if any, solids come into contact with the moving parts of the pump, including the rotor. This ensures the integrity of the slurry throughout the entire pumping process, leaving it undisturbed for further processing.

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How to Determine the Right Pump for Sensitive Slurry

First, you should try to determine the fragility of the material you need to pump. Some sensitive slurries are more sensitive than others and may require a lower flow rate to keep the solids intact. The EDDY Pump makes a great choice for pumping highly viscous material. The EDDY Pump’s highly-recessed geometric rotor does not come into contact with the solids, thereby preserving the integrity of the slurry. The EDDY Pump’s ability to pump concentrated solids is perfect for moving sensitive materials with less than 5% free liquid; an impossible task for traditional centrifugal pumps.

Eddy Pump For High Viscosity

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Pumping Viscous Red Mud – Highlights

This video shows how EDDY Pump performs when pumping high-solid red mud or bauxite which is abrasive, highly viscous, and corrosive.