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Mexico owns a large mining tradition, throughout the centuries it has developed this activity to the point of making it one of its biggest income generator.

We are a nation with a huge geological potential, we are among the top ten world producers in 16 different minerals, standing out as the worldwide leading producer of silver

The Association of Mine Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico AC, brings together all the Earth Science professionals that day by day contribute to the enhancement of the Mexican mining sector, making it one of the most prosperous and important in the world.

Under this framework, every two years we organize the International Mining Convention, an event that constitutes the main national mining forum, and one of the largest in a global scale.

Through a highly specialized program, we will focus on approaching you to all the key-players in the Mexican mining sector, where you will have the opportunity to establish new business, connect with the forging institutions of professionals in Earth Sciences, as well as have a direct contact with the authorities of the mining sector

The International Mining Convention will meet for 4 days the key people for the development of the Mexican mining sector, becoming an unparalleled opportunity for the establishment of businesses.

For this edition, we have chosen the city of Guadalajara as venue for the event, due to it represents the second largest urban nationwide and is considered the cradle of our culture and folklore

We invite you to take advantage of your attendance to the International Mining Convention and enjoy all the tourist attractions that Guadalajara offers.

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