This photo of an Excavator Dredger and HPU combo is a great example of the full utilization of EDDY Pump excavator equipment. We recently talked about this project with Hyundai Engineering in South America a few months ago. This update shows the dredger deployed and in testing.

The Setup: The counterweight of the CAT  345D was removed and replaced with an EDDY Pump HPU. The reason for this is to maximize mobility of the equipment. The unit was also equipped with a long boom for maximum reach.

Many projects that use the excavator dredger work tool are barge-based, so the excavator has very little forward or lateral movement. In situations like that the HPU can be placed on deck beside the excavator, saving setup time. For dredge or construction projects where the excavator is on the move, replacing the counterweight with the HPU is highly desirable.

This application required the excavator to work from shore, so a long boom was installed. Phase two the dredger will be moved to a floating barge to complete the remaining sections of under ocean pipeline dredging.

Project recap.

Application: Construction dredging with a mobile excavator dredger attachment. This 10-inch dredger is powered by a 500HP HPU for maximum production. Long boom.
Client: Hyundai Engineering and Construction
Location: San Jose – Montevideo Uruguay
Date: 2017-2019

See the first project overview HERE.

“We sincerely appreciate your company’s effort, especially Mr. Adam’s hard work during his stay. Testing was done successfully today due to Mr. Adam’s effort and we think that this equipment will help our project catch up. thank you.”


Hyundai Engineering & Construction