Construction has broke ground with Hyundai Engineering and Construction switching to the EDDY Pump dredger.  The project called for a high powered mobile dredger that they can relocate as their project progresses. They opted to buy a 10-inch EDDY Pump dredger for their plant construction project in S. America.  Power plants are also using our excavator attachment for maintenance and fly ash cleanup.

Application: Construction dredging with a mobile excavator dredger attachment. This 10-inch dredger is powered by a 500HP HPU for maximum production.
Client: Hyundai Engineering and Construction
Location: San Jose – Montevideo Uruguay

Heavy construction and mining companies are always searching and becoming more efficient to improve profitability. Operating classic dredging systems is normally an expensive service that specialized companies provide. EDDY Pump is changing this notion.

We have found a way to tackle dredging by marrying our dredger attachment to your excavator.  Industrial companies love this new way to dredge around construction sites, mines, rivers, marinas, barges and other locations. Skip the expense and heavy training that classic dredging systems come with by moving over to a mobile EDDY Pump dredger system.

See the Punta Del Tigre 300MW project website here.
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