Replacing Mechanical Drill Cutting Augers on Drilling Rigs With EDDY Pump

Eddy Pump is developing a new system to replace the mechanical augers used on many oil drilling rigs.
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Eddy Pump has developed a new system to replace the mechanical augers used on many oil drilling rigs. This new system is less expensive and safer than its mechanical counterparts.

This Article Includes

  • Separating and Transferring Drill Cuttings
  • Auger Conveyor Machines
  • Replacing Mechanical Auger System With EDDY Pump
  • NOEX Drill Cuttings System

Separating and Transferring Drill Cuttings


On oil drilling rigs, drill cuttings are sent through a process of solids control equipment to separate the drilling fluid from the solids. Solids control equipment is used to clean and move the drilling fluid’s cuttings, including shakers, hydro-cyclones, and centrifuges. 

The drilling fluid is separated and recycled back into the drilling process, while the thick, muddy drill cuttings are discarded. Oil drilling rigs typically employ expensive and dangerous mechanical auger systems to move the highly viscous drill cuttings from the separation unit to the holding tanks. 

03-Auger Conveyor Machines

Auger Conveyor Machines

Due to the mechanical nature of auger machines, they frequently require expensive and laborious maintenance to keep them running efficiently. If one aspect of the machine requires repair, the whole operation could be at stake and come screeching to a halt.

Additionally, augers have been an ongoing safety issue on oil drilling sites for decades due to accidental causes such as objects or extremities getting caught in the mechanical components of the auger or worse. These combined problems create a plethora of issues that many drilling companies continue to face even to this day.

04-Replacing Mechanical Auger System With EDDY Pump

Try Before You Buy

EDDY Pump is developing a system to replace the expensive and dangerous mechanical augers found on many oil drilling rigs.

The EDDY Pump is the only pump on the market capable of pumping such a high concentration of solids containing such a low amount of liquid. This allows drilling sites to completely replace aged mechanical material moving machines such as augers while increasing production and safety for on-site personnel.

The mechanical auger conveyor system can be replaced with an EDDY Pump, which is less expensive and requires less maintenance. This would also increase safety for on-site staff. Pumping drill cuttings can allow material transfer at a rate between 50-200 GPM and move the material about 20-30 feet vertical and 100-200 feet horizontal.

NOEX Drill Cuttings System EDDY Pump

NOEX Drill Cuttings System

This setup, dubbed our NOEX® Drill Cuttings Tank, can offer a complete solution for any drilling platform looking to move unwanted drill cuttings material efficiently. The NOEX® Cuttings Pump & Tank requires less manpower and vastly improves safety for on-site personnel. In addition, the NOEX® System provides a 5-fold increase in production rates in the removal and transportation of mud, cuttings, and drilling fluids compared to excavators.

Each NOEX® Tank is equipped with a redundant motor and pump, allowing for 100% uptime. Optional recirculation and water jet options can be added to keep the material constantly agitated, making it easier to pump. The NOEX® Pumps can be mounted outside the tank as a flooded suction or fully submerged in the cuttings tank, depending on the application.


The EDDY Pump Corporation

The EDDY Pump Corporation is a world-leading provider of unique slurry and dredge pumps and manufactures products that provide superior value versus other pump types.  The pump is not a centrifugal, vortex, or positive displacement pump but rather a pump harnessing the fluid dynamics of an eddy current. This enables the EDDY pump to outperform conventional pumps in applications that involve high viscosity, considerable weight of solids and particulates, high specific gravity, corrosive and abrasive material, work well in applications that are susceptible to clogging, and do it in an environmentally friendly manner.  

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