5 Reasons to Handle Drill Cuttings Treatment On-Site

Learn about the top 5 reasons why it's important to handle drill cuttings & drill mud treatment on-site.
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Now that there are reliable bentonite slurry pumps available based on the Eddy current, it’s becoming easier than ever for drilling and dredging operations to add their own onsite cutting treatment systems. Even the biggest operations can gain these five benefits by setting up an on-site drill cuttings treatment program based on the EDDY Pump:

1. Reduced traffic & machinery costs — Handling the process on-site reduces the need for vacuum trucks, dump trucks, and excavators to come and go on the temporary roads around the drilling or dredging site. Cutting down on mechanical means to process drilling mud and transport drill cuttings saves time and money for your project.

2. Lower disposal costs — Specialty waste landfills charge relatively high fees to accept tons of drill cuttings. So, processing the drilling fluid, separating the cuttings, and reusing the fluid on the site can pay for new treatment equipment within just a few months or years.

3. Prevent soil and water contamination — Improper handling and processing of drilling fluids and cuttings result in contamination of both soil and water, costing money in paying for fines from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Processing drilling fluids on-site allow the fluid to be recirculated throughout the process, preventing contamination of the surrounding environment.

4. Greater reuse opportunities — Properly screened and cleaned cuttings are valuable for bulk material in block and concrete manufacturing, while other companies use the material directly within the work site for stabilizing roads, refilling boreholes/mines, and preventing erosion.

5. Fewer roads needed — If the project doesn’t need to allow trucks and excavators to travel close to your pumps and pipelines for manual extraction, fewer roads are needed with a corresponding drop in dust and erosion. Reducing the needs for constructing roads can save companies significant amounts of money over time.



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