vacuum collection holding and transfer systemNew Product Announcement Vacuum Collection Holding and Transfer System.

EDDY Pump Corporation has developed an ejector-less vacuum creation pump. This is done using the suction draw of the Eddy pump and a special 3” adapter which is connected to the suction inlet of the Eddy pump, which creates a type of choking effect. The choking effect increases the velocity through the suction while allowing the air inside the piping to escape, creating the vacuum in the pipeline.

This is accomplished while balancing the flow, air removal, and motor current. The EDDY Pump creates a liquid tornado effect from within the pump volute that feeds into an Eddy Current effect located in the center of the tornado. This natural creation of fluid movement has many benefits for a VCHT system on board a ship, sea platforms and land-based systems.

No ejector is used. Vacuum is created from the suction side of the pump; the piping configuration needed provides a fully open looped system, which enables self-priming of the pump. Due to the 2” solid object pass through, no object able to be flushed down a vacuum toilet would clog/plug up any part of the pump or vacuum creation process.

No clogging occurs due to the very effective macerating / chopping effect created by Eddy Effect and recirculation of the fluid back to the VCHT tank.

3” suction / 3” discharge connected to 4” discharge piping back to the VCHT.

Pump motor speed is 1200 RPM, this assists greatly in low vibration, low noise, along with less wear on the pump material, which is extremely low already with the EDDY Pump effect that is created.

Inline vacuum creation, no need to circulate back to the VCHT tank to create a vacuum. Fluid can be pumped in any direction up to 4 psi head pressure and or the pump is used as a dedicated discharge pump also, for quicker discharging of the VCHT tank at increased head pressures.

Very low heat transfer to the fluid being used to create the vacuum, most of the heat is dissipated in the open air of the closed coupling of the motor shaft and the pump seal dissipating heat to the open air in the pump room. This increases ease of vacuum creation while having to consistently use the same fluid in the tank.

The Tornado effect feeding into the Eddy effect creates a non-obstructing, non-internal pump parts contact, macerating / chopping effect with the material suspended in the fluid.

The EDDY Pump does not cavitate when the fluid viscosity or head pressure changes occur nor while removing the air from the piping system. This also greatly reduces the ability to heat the fluid.

Continuous Duty pump. EDDY Pump has been in use on the USS KEARSARGE brine application for 12 years, with only two seal changes performed on the pumps in that time span and with no operational downtime.

Due to the continuous duty of the EDDY Pumps, it is possible to implement continuous vacuum creation, maintaining 18 Hg with a vacuum release valve, versus the 14- 18 Hg set point and duty cycling the pumps on and off. This keeps the velocity inside the piping much higher, preventing the build-up of urine crystals and other pipe clogging issues that occur when lower velocity is present while passing the material thru the piping.

The pump seal is a non-mechanical seal. Does not leak or need replacement when worn to operate. The pump seal should never get in the way of using the pump for vacuum creation or tank discharging.

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