Imperial Irrigation District Clay Lined Dredging 

In 2011 one of the world’s largest Irrigation Districts, Imperial Irrigation District brought on EDDY Pump to dredge 38,000 c/y a distance of 4000ft  in one of their 36 acre clay-lined reservoirs.

The difficulty that this project entailed was to dredge the material without harming the clay liner.  In order to do this EDDY Pump developed a completely spud-free dredge that incorporated a 5-point mooring system setup for liner-safe dredging.  Furthermore with the ability of the EDDY Pump to create an eddy current and naturally break up the material and feed the pump, a cutterhead was not needed.

The project proved to be such a success that EDDY Pump is now in the process of dredging another pond for IID.


Luminant Coal Tailings’ Dredging 

Luminant, the largest power generation company in Texas brought on EDDY Pump in 2012 in order to dredge out one of their lignite tailings ponds.

This project consisted of pumping  90,000 c/y of tailings 4200 ft without a booster pump and working 24 hours a day 6 days a week.

EDDY Pump was chosen for this project because water was a huge impeding factor in this project and they were scared that conventional dredges would drain the pond before the material was removed.  With the EDDY Pump patented technology they were able to achieve 40-80 percent solids by volume at the discharge.  Conventional equipment needed 2-3 times the amount of water to remove the same amount of material.

Luminant was very happy with the success of this project and are currently in the process of bringing in EDDY Pump to do a later scale tailings’ project.


Imperial Beach Environmental Dredging 

The California State Fish and Wildlife along with California Coastal Preserve came together in 2012 in order to do a complete coastal restoration of a 106 acre coastal area in Imperial Beach, CA.  The goal of this project was to turn an old salt mine area into a bird estuary.

The project consisted of dredging approximately 80,000 c/y a distance of 3500 ft in the most extremely corrosive waters and to dredge channels that had an 8 to 1 slope for proper vegetation growth during dry seasons.

With the ability of the EDDY Pump Dredge to automatically monitor the ground pressure of the dredge cut, they were the only dredge company that could meet the 8 to 1 slope without having to conduct a box cut, which the client was completely against.

The project was a great success and now there is a thriving Estuary in an area that was once a salt wasteland.