Navy & Marine Pumps – CHT, Brine, Bilge, Graywater Systems

Custom Designed Pumping Systems for the US Navy, MSC and commercial marine vessels. Vacuum Collection Holding Transfer Systems (VCHT), CHT and Marine Pumps.

Navy and Marine Sewage Transfer Pumping Systems by EDDY Pump. Also building Brine, Graywater, Bilge, CHT, and VCHT pumps.

EDDY Pump Corporation has been honored to serve onboard US Navy and Military Sealift Command ships for over 25 years in CHT Systems (Collection, Holding, and Transfer), Brine, and Gray Water Pumping Applications. We have a strong history of building marine pumps.

Sales, Service, and Overhaul

EDDY Pump is the official authorized source for the overhaul of EDDY Pumps. We do not officially authorize other contractors to overhaul our pumps.

EDDY Pump was commissioned in 1994 to replace aging centrifugal pumps on Navy ships. Since installing the EDDY Pump System, ships have experienced multi-year, trouble-free, minimal maintenance and zero-leak patented seal design operation.

Our earliest installations, in 1994, on CVNs have been trouble free for over 25 years. Cost savings estimated at over $3,000,000+ per ship over the life of the pumps. See PDF.

Navy and MSC Sewage Vacuum pump

All EDDY Pumps can be mounted vertical or horizontal.

To learn more about the technology behind our pumps continue reading more HERE.

US NAVY Supplier – 25 Years

“Both of the Eddy Brine Pumps have been operating great. Wish I could say the same about the other pumps (Chestertons’s) – 5 of 6 failed on me during my last deployment.”LCDR Donnell

Chief Engineer, US Navy, USS Kearsarge

See Total Operation Cost Analysis.
3rd party audit and list of current ship installations.

Report Summary Total Cost Analysis

Navy and Marine Vessel Pump Systems

The following EDDY Pump marine pump systems are active on US Navy ships around the globe. These systems can be adapted for commercial vessels, cargo ships, cruise ships, yachts, and ally military vessels. We are the OEM and only Authorized Service Provider for EDDY Pumps.

CHT and VCHT Systems

U.S. Navy Applications.

Eddy pumps are on the following ships at the transfer portion of the system. Our pumps can replace the pumps on the VCHT side of the system also.

  • Aircraft Carriers CVN every aircraft carrier
  • Guided missile cruiser CG 47 Class
  • Transport ships( LPD-17 class; LHD-1 class; LCC-19 class, LSD-41 class).
  • FFG(X) In process & LCU-1700 Class

MSC- Military sealift command ( Navy ships operated by civilians)

  • Submarine Tender (AS-39 and AS-40)
  • Dry Cargo Ship ( T-AKE 1 thru 14)

Brine Pumping Systems – Desalination Pumps

US Navy Applications.

Currently, on LHD3 and aircraft carriers, we run the discharge pumps of the high salt concentration (Brine) from the distilling unit, at stage 7 of the desalination process.

These are 40/50HP units with MIL-spec motors.

The brine pumps run 24/7.

Prior to using the EDDY Pump, the competition pumps had major leaks from the seal and constant wear issues due to salt crystal abrasion. After the EDDY Pumps were installed, these issues were resolved. See our Total Cost Analysis HERE

Graywater Systems

US Navy Applications.

EDDY Pumps are on the CVN-Class. 

  • Discharge pumps for ground food waste disposal system.
  • Gray water systems collect all non-sewer water from galleys in holding tanks and then Eddy Pumps take over as the discharge pumps. 
  • Powered by 7.5 hp and 20hp GW systems.
  • Integrating modern controllers with full PLC capabilities and Human Machine Interface (HMI) touchscreens. This provides alarm and status communication to ship damage control central. (DCC). 

Navy and Commercial Vessel Pump Systems

The following marine pump systems are ideal solutions for US Navy and commercial ships around the globe.

Bilge Pumps

U.S. Navy & Commercial Applications.

EDDY Pumps are ideal bilge pumps for various military and commercial ships.

In most cases, the bilge of a ship is the lowest compartment designed to collect water that does not drain off the side of the decks. This water may be from rough seas, rain, leaks in the hull or stuffing box, or other interior spillages. The collected water must be pumped out to prevent the bilge from reaching a high level and threatening to sink the ship.

Bilge pumping can be challenging because ocean debris is often sucked up by the bilge pumps, which can cause frequent clogging and other maintenance issues. Depending on the ship’s design and function, bilge water may contain water, oil, detergents, solvents, chemicals, pitch, particles, and other solid materials. EDDY Pump’s non-clog design will allow these objects to easily pass through the pump, ensuring more up-time and longer pump life.

Ground Food Waste Pumps

US Navy & Commercial Applications.

Operators of large ocean-faring vessels must manage multiple types of waste, including food waste. Large pumps and grinders are present on ships to grind up food waste into a small particle sizes to meet regulatory standards and for easier disposal. Regulatory limits require food waste to be ground down to 1″ or smaller chunks before disposal.

The EDDY Pump can help keep your ship in compliance by maintaining these strict standards.

According to Annex V of MARPOL:
The disposal into the sea Of food wastes may be permitted when they have been passed through a comminutor or grinder from such fixed or floating platforms located more than 12 nautical miles from land and all other ships when alongside or within 500 meters of such platforms. Such comminuted or ground food wastes shall be capable of passing through a screen with openings no greater than 25 millimeters.

VCHT Pump System

VCHT (Vacuum Collection Holding and Transfer) Product

What is a VCHT System?

EDDY Pump currently looks to develop new systems to help our sailors. EDDY Pump has developed a game-changing VCHT (Vacuum Collection Holding and Transfer) System that will guarantee that there are no more clogs that shut down onboard toilet systems. With over two decades of proven sewage pump performance for the US Navy, our VCHT system is a great fit for new and replacement applications. Naval and commercial application. Contact us for specs.

Current Challenges With VCHT – How EDDY Pump Will Help

Since VCHT runs on vacuum suction, vacuum leaks can become a problem if not addressed. Vacuum leaks can cause numerous issues for the pump system, ultimately causing increased wear on critical pump components. While vacuum leaks can be notoriously hard to locate, specialty tools have been created to aid in finding the source of leaks. Loss of vacuum pressure results in the pumps having to work overtime, creating excessive foam problems. Excessive foam is the result of ejector pumps running excessively (because of system leaks, clogged ejectors, vacuum pressure switch issues, air conditions) and/or excessive amounts or high concentrations of detergents or cleaners in the VCHT sewage holding tank.

EDDY Pump can help relieve the above issues because it doesn’t require an ejector pump, which will aid in reducing foam generation and heat buildup. Also, the EDDY Pump allows much larger solids to pass through (larger than the size of the flush drain) so the pump will not clog and can be operated 24/7 with little or no downtime. With EDDY Pumps installed, the pumps will save money over time by requiring far less maintenance and repairs over the life of the pump. With EDDY Pump, the creation of flow using the actual material is very different from all other pumping methods. This is key to the longevity and lack of wear of the pump components.


EDDY Pumps are superior and more cost effective due to the:


  • Zero leakage patented seal design.
  • Multi-year longevity of the non-mechanical pump seal
  • Non-casualty pump status
  • Automatically controlled pump seal greaser
  • Pump motor controllers
  • Extremely low PMS requirements
  • Pump’s natural ability to create flow using the material being pumped.

The Best Non-Clog and High Solids Industrial Pump on the Market. Since 1984.

Best Applications: If you are pumping sewage, brine, high solids, slurry, extremely viscous material, and material filled with solids then you found the ideal pump for your job. Marine environments, cruise ships, naval ships, seafood processing or yachts.

Industries Most Served: Marine Pumps for Vessels, Mining, Oil and Fracking, Waste Water, Paper/Pulp, Chemical, Energy, Water Districts, Irrigation Districts and Dredging Companies.

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