EDDY Pump is Top Choice for Gravity Thickener Processing Pumps

Learn how the EDDY Pump excels at pumping out gravity thickener tanks and how it can help reduce costs of the entire operation.
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What are Gravity Thickeners?

Gravity thickeners are similar to clarifier tanks and settling tanks that allow for suspended solids from slurries to gradually sink to the bottom of the tank. As the solids collect at the bottom of the tank, it forms into a sludge-like material that needs to be constantly removed by the use of high powered non-clog slurry pumps for disposal. Often times, this material can range from 10% to over 30% solids and is transferred to other processes including machines like centrifuge decanters which help separate the solid waste material from the liquid, effectively dewatering the slurry or sludge before transport. These pump processes are commonly seen in various industries including wastewater treatment, chemical manufacturing, and oil/food processing plants.

Why are Gravity Thickeners Used?

Thickening is the process by which solids are condensed to produce a concentrated solids product which settles at the bottom of the tank, resulting in the relatively solids-free liquid above the solids layer. Thickening wastewater solids cuts down the volume of residuals, thereby improving the overall operation, and diminishes expenses related to storage, processing, transfer, end use, or disposal.

Problems Encountered With Gravity Thickener Processing

The desludging of gravity thickeners has always been a very costly and timely process that can quickly wear down centrifugal style pumps. Expensive vacuum trucks are often brought in to deal with the sludge which is not only costly but time-consuming as well. This solution is not ideal, as it leaves personnel vulnerable to potentially harmful gases and materials found in the thickener equipment. Typically, these applications deploy the use of centrifugal pumps, which pump very low percent of solids and often get clogged by the debris, causing costly maintenance issues over the life of the pump.

Why EDDY Pump is the Top Choice For Gravity Thickener Pumps

EDDY Pump Corporation has recognized the problem facing gravity thickener tank processing and has developed new solutions which help to save expenses while significantly reducing safety risks that may be encountered by personnel or other on-site employees.

For pumping out sludge from the bottom of gravity thickeners, the EDDY Pump team developed an electric or hydraulically driven submersible slurry pump equipped with either a water jetting system or cutterhead for effective material agitation to feed the pump, along with a recirculation system. When dealing with sludge removal in larger gravity thickener tanks, an autonomously operated or remote operated submersible dredge can be utilized.

To pump out smaller gravity thickeners, EDDY Pump has designed both a hydraulic and electric version of our submersible slurry pump that can be deployed directly into the tank. The pump comes equipped with effective agitator attachments to ensure adequate breakup of solid material in order to effectively feed the pump a higher percentage of solids. The pump system incorporates a recirculation valve that premixes the slurry or sludge which allows for higher production and faster cleanout of the tank. The EDDY Pump system has the capability of pumping out the gravity thickener tanks at rates of 75 to 350 cubic yards of material per hour and pumping it distances over 5000-ft for proper disposal.

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