EDDY Pump Outperforms AODDP’s

Learn how the EDDY Pump outperforms AODDP's or Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
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Choosing the right pump for the job can be a challenge. In the world of pumps, although different pump types can be used in the same application, some pump types are superior to others – some pumps are far superior to their counterpart pumps. In this article we will compare two pump types that have proven themselves to be worthy of being called high quality, value providing industrial pumps – the EDDY Pump only offered by The EDDY Pump Corporation, and the Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pump. When referring to AODD pumps, we are not including Air-Operated Diaphragm (AOD) pumps in this article.

This article includes:

  • Application Similarities – The EDDY Pump & AODDP
  • Competitive Analysis – EDDY Pump vs. AODDP
  • Unparallelled Satisfaction – EDDY Pump Domination!
  • Best Applications – Industries Most Served – https://eddypump.com/applications/

Application Similarities – The EDDY Pump & AODDP

The EDDY Pump and the AODD pump, in some instances, can be considered very similar regarding suitable applications. Both pump types can be used when pumping solid-laden, slurries, and thicker pumping media. The rule of thumb is that, if a person can squeeze the pumping media between their fingers either of these pump types can transfer that material; as long as the pumping media is chemically compatible with the materials of construction of either pump. Both pumps can perform in dirty and demanding environments that are commonly found in mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and more. These pump types can be applied in either process or non-process applications.

Initially, both of these pump types appear very similar. So, when considering either pump type for the same application, which pump should be chosen? Let’s take a deeper look at this with a competitive comparison.

Competitive Analysis of AODD Pumps vs EDDY Pump

Important considerations when choosing the right pump for the job are the mean time between repair, initial cost, cost of ownership, consistent performance, and reliability, just to name a few.

Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR)

When choosing a pump, this is a very important consideration because this involves how long the product remains in operation before something fails on the pump and causes the pump to be taken out of service resulting in loss of production.

AODD pumps: This type of pump is designed with elastomeric wear parts that frequently need to be replaced. If regular frequent maintenance is not done the pump will fail due to wear issues and can cause operation shut-down resulting in thousands of dollars lost in production.

The EDDY Pump: This pump is less likely than any other pump type to experience wear issues as long as pump flow rates are within the mid-range areas of the flow curve. The EDDY Pump increases product up-time by avoiding frequent product maintenance. This product continues to perform day in, and day out!

Initial Cost

AODD pumps: Relatively speaking, the initial cost of an AODD pump is less costly, but quite often, due to the frequent maintenance required to this pump type end users usually purchase redundant pumps that are used to switch out the pumps in service when maintenance is required. This results in an increased initial cost because more pumps are being purchased than used at any one time.

The EDDY Pump: The initial cost of an EDDY Pump is more expensive but when being compared to an AODD pump gets what they pay for. The EDDY Pump is a workhorse and a lot more long-lasting and does not require an end-user to purchase redundant pumps because of less of a need for pump maintenance.

Cost of Ownership

AODD pumps: With recurrent maintenance required with this type of pump, downtime happens often. The cost of labor and repair parts over the life of an AODD pump can be substantial. Also, AODD pumps are pneumatically powered which requires an industrial -strength compressor which is very costly to operate and maintain. The electricity costs alone to power a compressor, which in turn powers the pump can be thousands of dollars each month; especially if numerous AODD pumps are operating at the same time.

The EDDY Pump: This pump is ROCK SOLID and can run for great lengths of time without any downtime or maintenance required. The EDDY Pump is powered by an electric motor or combustion engine which is more energy-efficient and less expensive to operate than pneumatically driven pumps that use a compressor. This drastically reduces the cost of operating the EDDY Pump, which can result in thousands of dollars saved!

The low cost of ownership the EDDY Pump helped saved the US Navy over $17 million dollars over the course of four years.  


Consistent Performance

AODD pumps: One of the challenges regarding performance of an AODD pump is that they experience freezing in the air-motor. This pump type operates on compressed air, and due to this, there are a number of expansion areas in the air-motor that cause freezing; when air expands it causes freezing and ice to accumulate in the air path reducing air flow. When this occurs, the flow rate of the pump begins to become reduced resulting in inconsistent flow rates. When consistent flow rates are required this is a huge problem.

The EDDY Pump: This pump is not sensitive to things such as impeller wear and specific tolerances affecting consistency of flow rate and pump performance. The power end of the EDDY Pump is consistent with centrifugal or positive displacement pumps which requires little maintenance. The rotor is metallic which creates a very consistent and predictable flow rate. An end user can depend on the EDDY Pump to perform consistently throughout the life of the pump.


AODD Pumps: This pump type is categorized as a reciprocating pump and does not rotate. It has a diaphragm shaft that shifts back and forth moving two diaphragms, one on each side of the pump. When the seals within the air-motor begin to wear it interferes with the mechanical signal that transitions the pump back and forth. When this happens, the pump stalls, which is a clear sign that the internal air-motor seals must be replaced. This stalling of the pump stops the pump from pumping; essentially, the pump has failed.

The EDDY Pump: With the power end of the pump being consistent with other types of rotary pumps, and the liquid end including a rotor that does not require consistent tolerances and experiences very little wear, the EDDY Pump is one of the most reliable pumps that exists in the world.

Unparallelled Satisfaction – EDDY TOUGH!

Another very important differentiator between the EDDY Pump and the AODD pump is that the EDDY Pump can pass extremely large solids; much larger solids than an AODD pump. Dimensionally, the internal liquid housing is sized such that an EDDY Pump can pass solids that are almost the size of the inlet and discharge ports of the pump. Along with this, the EDDY Pump can also pump media that contains longer stringy types of materials – this is something that AODD pumps cannot transfer. EXAMPLE, a 6-inch EDDY Pump can pass a 5.5 inch solid, which no other pump can do.

As you can see, the EDDY Pump is the smarter choice from performance, reliability, greater range of pumping solids-laden materials, and economical perspective than an AODD pump. When trying to make the challenging decision on which pump to choose for your demanding application, CHOOSE AN EDDY PUMP!

Best Applications – Industries Most Served

If you are pumping slurry, high solids, extremely viscous material, paste, high abrasives (sand & gravel), and material filled with solids, then you found the best-suited pump for the job. Go to: https://eddypump.com/ or Call Us!

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