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Learn about the different cutterhead options we offer for our excavator pump attachment, cable hanging dredge, and more!
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In dredging and pumping applications, sometimes you may encounter sediment that is hard and densely packed, making it difficult to pump. It is important to determine the best method to agitate the target material for optimal pumping and dredging. The attachments below can be fitted to a number of our dredging and pumping equipment options.

Standard Cutterhead

Our standard cutterheads usually rotate between 15 to 60 rpm and are equipped with specially designed replaceable cutter teeth around the attachment. The rotating cutterhead breaks up consolidated material such as compacted sand, mud, and sludge which helps feed material into the pump.

 Compatible with:

  • This attachment works well in conjunction with the Liner-Safe Wheels or the Water Jetting Ring.

Clay Cutterhead

The clay cutterhead attachment is ideal for pumping extremely thick heavy clay at a continuous production rate. As the blades rotate, the clay is effectively agitated and fed into the dredge pump.

Compatible with:

  • Excavator Boom Deployed

Self-Cleaning Cutterhead

The self-cleaning head attachment is ideal for effectively pumping highly viscous mud or sludge at a continuous production rate. As the basket rotates, a self-cleaning comb device clears the mud or other debris, allowing for less blockage of the intake. This unit works well with a jetting ring for mud and material agitation for optimal production rates.

Compatible with:

  • Excavator Boom Deployed
  • Use Self-Cleaning or Swap out for Standard Cutterhead

More information on the Self-Cleaning Cutterhead…

Water Jetting Ring

Break up material and inject water at high pressure to break up and liquify highly condensed solids. The high-pressure jetting ring works in conjunction with the standard cutterhead or self-cleaning head. This unit can be deployed via an excavator boom, cable hung from a crane or floating A-frame.

Compatible with:

  • Excavator Boom Deployed
  • Cable Hung Deployed  


More information on the Water Jetting Ring…

Liner-safe Wheels

The liner-safe wheels allow for dredging operations in areas with poly or concrete-lined pits, canals, or other sensitive surfaces. This unit works in conjunction with a standard cutterhead or open suction mouth.

Compatible with:

  • Standard Cutterhead OR
  • Self-Cleaning Head

More information on Liner-safe Wheels…

Auger Head

Auger Suction Dredges are used in many dredging applications where there is a liner such as poly, clay, concrete, and other types of plastic liners. The Auger Suction Dredge can be equipped with wheels to provide liner-safe dredging while still being able to break up consolidated material.

More information on Auger Head…


EDDY Pump Equipment Rentals

EDDY Pump offers sales, turnkey rental services, and solutions to clients worldwide. We have over 30 years experience completing the toughest dredging projects around the world. Many of our dredge pump and excavator solutions are custom built to fit the needs of our clients.

Why Rent?

  • Great for short term projects
  • Rent to own program
  • Try out equipment before purchase
  • Less upfront cost

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For information on renting EDDY Pump equipment, click the link below or give us a call at 619-404-1916.

Why EDDY Pumps Are Better – Highlights

This video shows how EDDY Pump transports high slurry and abrasive materials. Featured dredge pump equipment includes the Remote Operated Subdredge, Diver Operated Pump and a Excavator Attachment Dredge Pump.