Applications of EDDY Pump in the Extrusion Industry

EDDY Pump's Applications in polymers extrusion

The EDDY Pump is pivotal in the extrusion industry, streamlining material handling, waste control, and process efficiency, ensuring consistent product quality and operational excellence. Its adaptability enhances extrusion workflows.

EDDY Pump's Applications in polymers extrusion

The EDDY Pump maintains consistent material flow during extrusion, preventing clogs and ensuring product uniformity. It also assists in handling waste materials, promoting sustainable practices, and optimizing production processes within the extrusion industry.

Efficient polymer extrusion with EDDY Pump’s innovative equipment

Applications of Our Slurry Pumps in the Extrusion Industry

The slurry pumps from EDDY Pump have several applications in the extrusion industry, including:

Efficient polymer extrusion with EDDY Pump’s innovative equipment
  • Profile Extrusion: Slurry pumps aid in transferring plastic compounds for profile extrusion, producing various shapes and designs.
  • Co-Extrusion Processes: Our submersible pumps handle multiple materials in co-extrusion processes, ensuring precise layering and consistency.
  • Coolant Management: Submersible pumps assist in maintaining cooling systems for temperature control in extrusion equipment.
  • Pelletizing Operations: These submersible transfer melted plastic for pelletizing after extrusion, creating feedstock for various applications.
  • Film Extrusion: Slurry pumps transfer melted plastic for film extrusion, used in packaging and other industries.
  • Pipe and Tube Production: The submersible pumps handle plastic compounds for extrusion into pipes and tubes used in various applications.
  • Wire and Cable Coating: Slurry pumps facilitate coating wires and cables with plastic compounds during extrusion.
  • Recycled Material Extrusion: Pumps manage recycled plastics for extrusion, contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Foam Extrusion: Slurry pumps assist in handling plastic compounds for foam extrusion processes.
  • Abrasive Material Handling: Submersible pumps manage abrasive slurries containing additives, ensuring uniformity in extruded products.
  • Cooling System Circulation: These submersible pumps circulate cooling fluids, maintaining optimal temperatures in extrusion equipment.
  • Colorant Dispersion: Submersible pumps distribute colorants and pigments evenly throughout plastic compounds.
  • Compound Mixing: Pumps facilitate uniform blending of additives and raw materials before extrusion.
  • Waste Management: Submersible pumps from EDDY Pump manage waste materials generated during extrusion processes.
  • Quality Control Testing: Pumps assist in transferring extruded samples for quality testing, ensuring consistent product properties.
  • Die Lubrication: Our submersible pumps deliver lubricants to dies, ensuring smooth extrusion and preventing sticking.
  • Plastic Sheet Production: Pumps transfer plastic compounds to sheet-forming equipment, a standard application in extrusion.

In the extrusion industry, slurry pumps contribute to efficient material handling, uniform product quality, and waste management, supporting various stages of the extrusion process.


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EDDY Pump ensures optimal and cost-effective polymer extrusion operations

Application of EDDY Pump’s Hydraulic Dredging in the Extrusion Industry

Hydraulic dredging has limited direct applications in the extrusion industry due to its focus on sediment and water management. However, there are potential scenarios where hydraulic dredging could play an indirect role:

EDDY Pump ensures optimal and cost-effective polymer extrusion operations
  • Raw Material Sourcing: If extrusion involves sourcing water for cooling or processing, hydraulic dredging could ensure accessibility for water collection.
  • Water Cooling System Maintenance: Hydraulic dredging might clear sediment or debris from cooling water reservoirs used in extrusion equipment, ensuring efficient heat dissipation.
  • Infrastructure Protection: Hydraulic dredging could help prevent sediment buildup around water intake structures, safeguarding water sources for extrusion processes.
  • Water Quality Management: While not directly related to extrusion, hydraulic dredging could indirectly improve water quality in nearby water bodies used for cooling or processing.
  • Environmental Compliance: Hydraulic dredging could indirectly support compliance with environmental regulations by preventing sediment runoff and water contamination.
  • Emergency Response: In case of flooding or sediment runoff, hydraulic dredging might assist in clearing waterways to prevent disruptions to extrusion operations.

While hydraulic dredging might have limited direct applications in the extrusion industry, efficient sediment and water management remain essential for maintaining sustainable and compliant operations.