Casting Applications of EDDY Pump

EDDY Pump revolutionizes metal and sand casting.

EDDY Pump is a game-changer in metal and sand casting. Its innovative technology maximizes productivity, making the EDDY Pump an indispensable tool for precise mold filling and effective waste management.

EDDY Pump revolutionizes metal and sand casting.

EDDY Pump is essential in metal casting because it offers efficient and effective solutions for handling abrasive and viscous materials commonly used in casting. Its innovative technology helps prevent clogs and reduces downtime, improving overall productivity and ensuring a smoother workflow in casting operations.

EDDY Pump_s slurry pumps excel in casting applications

Applications of Our Slurry Pumps in Casting

Slurry pumps play a crucial role in various metal and sand casting applications. They transport abrasive and viscous mixtures of water, sand, clay, and other materials involved in the casting process. Some critical applications include:

EDDY Pump_s slurry pumps excel in casting applications
  • Foundry Cleaning: Slurry pumps are instrumental in cleaning foundry equipment and facilities. They transport cleaning agents and water to remove residual materials, maintaining a clean foundry and ensuring a safe working environment.
  • Casting Mold Filling: Our submersible pumps fill casting molds with liquid metal or molten materials. The pumps ensure a controlled and uniform flow of the molten material into the molds, helping the moldings to get even, accurate, and consistent metal casting results.
  • Casting Mold Coating: Some casting processes require a protective coating to prevent metal adhesion and promote easy mold release. Slurry pumps are used to apply these coatings onto the interior surfaces of the moldings, enhancing the quality of the final metal or sand castings.
  • Sand Transport: Slurry pumps help move sand and other granular materials used in molding and core-making processes. They efficiently transport these materials from one location to another, ensuring a consistent supply of metal casting molds.
  • Core Removal: The submersible pumps remove sand cores from castings after casting. The pumps break down the sand cores and transport the resulting slurry away, facilitating the extraction of the final product from the moldings.
  • Mold Washing: Cleaning and washing molds is essential to maintain quality and reuse. These submersible pumps aid in transporting water and cleaning agents to wash and prepare moldings for the following metal casting cycle effectively.
  • Waste Handling: Submersible pumps from Eddy Pump manage waste materials generated during the metal casting process, such as excess sand, clay, and other debris. The pumps help keep the work area clean and efficient by transporting these materials away. This ensures a smooth metal and sand casting process.
  • Reclamation Systems: Sometimes, slurry pumps are part of reclamation systems that recover and recycle sand and other materials for reuse in future metal and sand casting operations. This helps reduce waste and lower production costs.
  • Cooling and Lubrication: The submersible pumps may also be used to circulate cooling fluids or lubricants in the casting process, helping to control temperatures and improve the overall quality of the castings.

Overall, the submersible pumps from EDDY Pump are indispensable tools in the metal casting industry, facilitating the movement of materials, cleaning processes, and waste management, all of which contribute to efficient and high-quality casting operations.


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Our dredging technique improves molding and core washing.

Application of EDDY Pump’s Hydraulic Dredging in Casting

Hydraulic dredging is vital in various metal and sand casting applications. This method involves using water-based systems to remove sediment, debris, and other materials from water bodies. Here are some critical applications of hydraulic dredging in both metal casting and sand casting:

Our dredging technique improves molding and core washing.
  • Investment Casting Mold Preparation: Hydraulic dredging is utilized to create moldings for investment casting, a precise sand casting process. It helps form the ceramic molds by removing excess sand, sediment, and other particles from the mold-making slurry mixture, ensuring accurate molding formation.
  • Casting Cooling System Maintenance: Hydraulic dredging is employed to clear water channels and foundry’s cooling systems. Removing sediment and debris maintains optimal cooling efficiency, preventing overheating of the foundry and ensuring consistent casting quality.
  • Slag and Dross Removal: In metal casting, slag and dross are undesired byproducts that accumulate during melting and pouring. Dredging helps remove these materials from the surface of molten metal, enhancing the purity and quality of the castings.
  • Foundry Pit Cleaning: Dredging assists in cleaning and maintaining foundry pits, where various materials and residues accumulate. It removes sediments and debris, ensuring a clean and safe working environment for metal casting.
  • Core and Mold Removal: EDDY Pump’s dredging equipment can aid in the removal of sand cores and molds from metal and sand castings after they have solidified. Water pressure helps dislodge and wash away the residual materials, simplifying the cleaning process involved in sand and metal casting.
  • Waste Management: Dredging helps manage waste materials generated during sand casting operations. It can remove excess sand, clay, and other debris from waste collection areas, improving cleanliness and facilitating proper waste disposal.
  • Environmental Compliance: Hydraulic dredging is often employed to maintain compliance with environmental regulations. It can be used to remove pollutants, sediment, and contaminants from water bodies affected by casting processes, ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystem.
  • Mold and Core Washing: Our dredging technique can be part of the molding and core washing processes. Using water pressure, it assists in washing away residual materials from molds and cores, preparing them for reuse in subsequent casting cycles.
  • Facility Cleaning: Hydraulic dredging helps clean and clear water bodies within the casting facility. It prevents sediment accumulation and waste, creating a cleaner and safer working environment.

In conclusion, hydraulic dredging has diverse applications in the casting industry, ranging from molding to waste management and environmental compliance. Its ability to effectively remove materials from water-based systems contributes to casting processes’ efficiency, quality, and sustainability.