Startup & Shipping Form + Terms + Prep Checklist

Information on shipping and tech support for EDDY Pump equipment.

This page contains four main sections.

  1. Payment/Credit Docs
  2. Client Startup Form (Shipping, Finance & Job Startup info) 
  3. Customer Prep Checklists
  4. Terms & Conditions

1. Payment & Credit Docs, Pre-Sale Financials

NDA Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Line Of Credit

Download Form


eddy pump pdf and specs

2. Customer Tech Startup & Shipping Information FORM

Tech Startup & Shipping Form –> Begin

3. Customer Preparation Checklist and Startup Costs

Before EDDY Pump equipment arrives, be prepared. These checklists will help. Contact us if you have any questions.

Domestic Customer Preparation Checklist  (USA)

View and Download Domestic USA PDF

International Customer Preparation Checklist

View and Download International PDF

4. Terms & Conditions

 EDDY Pump Terms and Conditions, Buying or Renting Equipment

Purchase Agreement & Warranty

View PDF
eddy pump pdf and specs

Rental Agreement & Warranty

View PDFeddy pump pdf and specs

Counterfeit Component Process

View PDF
eddy pump pdf and specs