EDDY Pump History – est. 1984

Company History

Dr. Harry Weinrib, M.D., Ph.D., the founder of Eddy Pump, was raised by a single mother in the former Soviet Union (USSR) during WWII. Dr. Weinrib worked hard getting through college and medical school in the Soviet Union while also being on the national Judo and Sambo teams.

Harry Weinrib - EDDY Pump Founder

Dr. Harry Weinrib, M.D., Ph.D., EDDY Pump founder.

After getting his mother out of the USSR and into Poland, Dr. Weinrib headed to Czechoslovakia to compete in a national Sambo tournament. However, the night before the tournament, he swam across the Morava River and escaped into Austria. Dr. Weinrib pled for political asylum and told the Austrian government the horrors of communism and how he could no longer live in the Soviet Union. From there, Dr. Weinrib went straight to Munich, Germany, where he got a job being a doctor for the professional soccer team, Bayern Munich. While working full time, Dr. Weinrib also studied and earned his Ph.D. in Fluid Dynamics and master’s degree in Electro-Optics.

Dr Harry Weinrib Fluid Dynamics

Six years later, in 1968, Dr. Weinrib was asked by the U.S. government to come to the United States to fill a much-needed role in Microsurgery (reconstructive surgery). Dr. Weinrib eventually became the head of surgery at one of the largest hospitals in the United States and, over a career of 10 years, invented and patented over 60 surgical devices that are even still used today.

Dr Harry Weinrib Microscope

During much of this time, Dr. Weinrib had a burning passion based on his studies in fluid dynamics to invent a new pump technology that would harness the power of an eddy current within fluid dynamics. After years of experiments in his basement, Dr. Weinrib finally perfected the first Eddy Pump that transformed an outdated industry and brought the world’s most efficient and lowest total-life-cycle cost slurry pump to the market.

Dr. Harry Weinrib Subdredge

Over 35 years later, the spirit and innovation of Dr. Weinrib lives on through his four children, who continue building on his legacy by pushing the boundaries with new technology that continues to transform the pump and dredging world.

The EDDY Pump Family
The EDDY Pump Family

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