World Of Work School Visit

Over 50 students from Los Coches Middle School talked with EDDY Pump Engineer, Christian V., and Marketing Manager, Kurtis W., this week. They took student questions and introduced core steps of engineering and marketing.

wow-world-of-work-business-partner-bannerThis kicks off a WOW pilot program where students get to learn about how businesses work and talk with professionals directly. EDDY Pump is a proud business partner of the school district.

The two participating classes are the robotics class taught by Karen C. and the computer science 2 class, lead by Selva K.

This semesters task at hand. Student teams will be creating a mock business, writing a business plan, building a working robot, have it perform tasks, then create a website to promote and sell the unit. They are in a race to finish and will present their business to a panel of judges.

Kurtis, said, “I really had a good time speaking with the students, they seemed receptive and interested in the WOW subsea robot project. As the semester progresses, they will have even more fun with this interactive learning experience. I wish I had an opportunity like this.”

About World Of Work

EDDY Pump is helping to teach students about real-world jobs and to prepare them for their own career choices with hands-on learning experiences

The World of Work program is an exciting educational initiative launched by the Cajon Valley School District of Southern California. The goal of the program is to bring local businesses and schools together to help teach students about real-world jobs and to prepare them for their own career choices with hands-on learning experiences. The program intends to identify and foster strengths, interests, and values in each of the participating students to help them find their place in the world and make their own impact.

Future of WOW

Mid-semester the students will visit EDDY Pump for a tour. They will get to meet and ask employees questions about their jobs. During the visit they will see how we build robots, program controllers, see 3D printers working and put a real experience with what manufacturing is in the USA.

By week 8, there will be a competition where students will present their business and robots.

Week 2 Update.

Guest speakers for World of Work 2018 Pilot project.

Christian V., EDDY Pump Engineer and Kurtis W., EDDY Pump Digital Marketing Manager, speaking with 50 students to kick off the program.

Example video of a hydro pump lego challenge. These students programmed their lego robot, similar to the WOW program.

This semesters WOW program will be based on a subsea robot the students create. Very similar to the EDDY Pump subdredge robot that they will see on their field trip that was deployed in the Discovery Channels Bering Sea Gold show.

Lego Robot Challenge Video