USS Gerald Ford, the most Advanced Military Ship In The World Begins Ocean Testing This Month.

The Ford class is the newest class of US Navy ship to come online and started sea trials this week. USS Gerald Ford is the largest, most technologically advanced and expensive ship every built for the US Navy. EDDY Pump was selected to be the graywater and wastewater sewage pump on this new class of ship.

The Ford class is the newest class and design since the USS Nimitz that was first commissioned in the 1970’s. Built by Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia.

The seven-day open ocean test event included tracking aircraft using the Dual Band Radar, conducting no-load cycles using the new electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS), and small boat operations, the Navy said in a news release.

Where EDDY Pump comes into play is the wastewater system, which is a critical component of this floating city. The system collects, holds and then transfers all sewage for the ship, (CHT we can also power the VCHT).

While in port, the holding tanks offload waste if connection capabilities exist. While offshore the EDDY Pump transfers sewage from holding tanks to a treatment system and then overboard for disposal. The graywater is also pumped by EDDY Pump.

In total, each Ford class ship has half a dozen sewage pumps and graywater pumps, manufactured by EDDY Pump Corporation.

Some history, EDDY Pump has been utilized by the US Navy for over 24 years on many classes of Navy ship for waste transfer, graywater pumping, brine pumping and sewage transfer.  EDDY Pump design saves the Navy tens of millions of dollars every year in corrective action, overhaul, and downtime.

The same pumps can easily adapt for bilge pumping and use in VCHT systems (vacuum collection hold and transfer), more here.

To see a Total Cost Analysis done by Lockheed Martin on the cost savings of 25 EDDY Pumps versus the leading centrifugal pump over 4 years, please click HERE to View the Analysis.

EDDY Pump is proud to be onboard USS Gerald Ford and provide service for our systems. There are more planned vessels in the works, which EDDY Pump will be on, at the same time we continue to support existing Eddy pumps in the fleet.

If you own a Navy ship and need to upgrade your pumps call us. We offer commercial versions of these sewage pumps too, just in case you don’t own a Navy ship.

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