Cross section of a heavy-duty slurry pump
Mining involves extracting precious materials, fluids, and gases from the earth. It removes a huge amount of mud, sand, tailing, and waste materials from the mine. 

Heavy-duty slurry pumps are essential equipment in the mining sector. They are engineered to manage abrasive materials. They are well-suited for transferring waste products such as tailings and slurries.

Legacy pumping solutions like centrifugal and positive displacement pumps are not suitable for handling high-abrasive materials. They lose their efficiency, tolerance, and suction capacity soon. EDDY Pump offers the most suitable heavy-duty slurry pumps for mining. Contact us to know more about our products and services.

Key challenges faced by mining industries and EDDY Pump’s solutions


Transferring abrasive liquids from one place to another without any breakdown is difficult. Additionally, in open pit mining or underground mining, pump failures stop the mines. The workers need to wait until the pumps start working again. It leads to huge losses for the mining company.

EDDY pumps can be used in various pump designs to remove slurry from mining sumps and tailing ponds. The submersible or self-priming heavy-duty mining EDDY pumps can be operated by electrical or hydraulic power. 

To ensure longevity and high performance for mining applications, pump casing, bearing brackets, and other critical components are cast in high chromium or stainless steel. EDDY pump’s ingenious design makes it function normally even when exposed to debris. Due to the absence of an impeller in the design, tolerance issues are also avoided.

Skid-mounted slurry pump
Skid-mounted slurry pump

Applications of slurry pump for mining


Slurries contain numerous solid particles. Heavy-duty slurry pumps are used to transport these slurries to various processing plants. 


  • Tailings Transport: Tailings are the waste materials generated during mining operations. They are usually transported to tailings ponds or dams for storage. Heavy-duty slurry pumps transport the tailings from the processing plant to the storage facility. 
  • Froth Flotation: Froth flotation separates valuable minerals from unwanted materials. The unwanted materials that sink during froth flotation are removed as tailings. Heavy-duty slurry pumps transport the tailings from the flotation process to the tailings storage facility.
  • Grinding Circuit: Heavy-duty slurry pumps move ore between the main crusher and the grinding mills. The slurry is formed when the ore is ground and mixed with water and chemicals. It is moved to the flotation process using heavy-duty slurry pumps.
  • Transporting Concentrate: Concentrate is the remaining valuable mineral after the waste is removed. Heavy-duty slurry pumps transfer the concentrate from the processing plant to the storage facility. 
Submersible Pump Design
Slurry pump casing

Benefits of heavy-duty slurry pumps  


Heavy-duty slurry pumps offer several benefits in mining operations.


  • Efficient transport: Heavy-duty slurry pumps can transport slurries containing high solid content across extended distances. The pumps are engineered to effectively manage abrasive and corrosive materials.
  • Reduced downtime: The heavy-duty slurry pumps are engineered to minimize maintenance requirements. The sealing of the shaft is very important. It helps prevent slurry leakage. EDDY Pump offers a range of heavy-duty slurry pumps with multiple types of shaft sealing options. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: The design of these systems is optimized for high efficiency. It has minimal energy consumption and reduced operating costs. The pumps have been engineered with low maintenance in mind.
  • High efficiency: Heavy-duty slurry pumps are built to be highly efficient to save energy and maintenance expenses. The pumps deliver optimal flow and pressure with as little loss as possible from friction and other sources.
  • Easy maintenance: Heavy-duty slurry pumps are built to last with minimal upkeep to limit breakdowns and save money on repairs. The pumps may be easily disassembled, and their parts inspected and replaced. Mining slurry pumps from EDDY Pump require less maintenance.
Self-priming Slurry Pump
Self-priming Slurry Pump

Why choose EDDY Pump?

EDDY Pump Corporation is a manufacturer of cutting-edge pumps designed to handle high-density mud and slurry. Being a market leader in pumping solutions, EDDY Pump Corporation provides a comprehensive range of products that are tailor-made for efficiently handling high viscous fluids and slurry. Head out to our blog page to know how EDDY Pump can enhance your operations

Additional information on mining slurry pumps

The EDDY Pump brand offers non-clog pumps specifically engineered for mining applications with high solids content. Our patented pump technology has outperformed all other types of pumps, including centrifugal, vortex, and positive displacement pumps, in a wide range of challenging pumping applications.

EDDY pumps possess the following attributes:

  • Open rotor design offers higher efficiency in slurry pumping.
  • The system is designed to operate without clogging.
  • These machines can pump items with a maximum diameter of 12 inches.
  • EDDY Pump’s products are entirely manufactured in the United States of America.
  • The geometric rotor of the EDDY pumps can handle fluids containing less than 5% free liquid. Conventional centrifugal pumps are incapable of accomplishing this task.

For accessing our assortment of slurry pumps or pumps designed for high-viscosity fluids, kindly check out our heavy-duty slurry pump for mining.

Get the right solution for pumping solids and slurry

If you are facing the challenge of pumping a high-viscosity liquid, you must find the best pump for high-viscosity fluids. To read more such articles, please visit our blog
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Frequently Asked Questions about heavy-duty slurry pumps for mining applications

1: What is a heavy-duty slurry pump, and how does it differ from a regular pump?

A heavy-duty slurry pump manages highly abrasive and corrosive slurries. It is suitable for mining. Unlike regular pumps, wear-resistant materials are used to manufacture them. They are designed to operate at high efficiency with low maintenance.

2: What are the key factors to consider when selecting a heavy-duty slurry pump for a mining application?

Consider the nature of the slurry being moved, the distance and elevation of the transport, the necessary flow rate and pressure, and the precise application specifications while selecting a heavy-duty slurry pump for mining.

3: What are the most common applications of heavy-duty slurry pumps in the mining industry?

Heavy-duty slurry pumps are commonly used in the mining industry for tailings transport, froth flotation, grinding circuits, concentrate transport, and other abrasive and corrosive slurry handling.

4: How can I ensure that my heavy-duty slurry pump operates efficiently and has a long service life?

To ensure long life and smooth performance, install the pump properly, do regular preventive maintenance, and operate as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

5: Can heavy-duty slurry pumps be customized to meet specific mining application requirements?

Heavy-duty slurry pumps can be customized to meet the precise demands of mining applications. EDDY Pump provides a diverse selection of pump models that incorporate varying impeller designs, construction materials, and additional features to cater to various applications.