Application: Barge based dredging, using the EDDY Pump excavator pump attachment and our booster pump

Client: Veit USA is one of the Midwest’s leading specialty contracting and waste management companies. They are ranked #87 of the top 600 specialty construction firms in the US. This recent contract between Veit and EDDY Pump has started off with great success.

Taken on day one, the solids sample below was produced by our 6-inch excavator-mounted dredge pump. The photo above is a great example of how our customers use a jacked-up barge setup for high-precision dredging. EDDY pump also provided the booster pump working in conjunction with the excavator dredge pump attachment.

Veit also employed custom-coded ultra-precision location-aware sonar software on this project, to ensure the highest efficiency level of work. Real-time production data streamed to headquarters 1000 miles away.

Further details and possibly a white paper upon project completion.


After the solids settled, you notice very little water. The project managers and on-site engineer were very happy.

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