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Eddy Pump Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company with state-of-the-art material moving technology. Our equipment is used onboard US Navy Ships along with the largest mining, oil, wastewater, and marine dredging industries in the world. We design and sell heavy industrial equipment for dredging and pumping.

We are currently expanding rapidly and are looking for talented new additions to our team.

Job Types and Growth

Jobs range from mechanical pump technicians, engineers, sales and marketing, operations and programmers.

Standard Benefits

  • 401k + Matching
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Standard Mon-Fri Schedules
  • 2-Weeks Paid Vacation, 1-Week Sick Time

Benefits in Detail

  • Ten days paid vacation per year, for one-five years of employment. Vacation increases based on years of employment.
  • There are 6 paid holidays each calendar year. Employees are eligible for holiday pay from date of hire.
  • 401K with matching: Company will match up to 3.5%. Eligibility after one year of employment and a minimum of 1000 hours per year.
  • Profit Share Program: Up to four cash profit share distributions per year. Full-time employees who have been employed by Eddy Pump for a minimum of three years are qualified to receive a fifth profit share distribution to their trust account. It is our belief that each member of the EPC team contributes to the growth of the company and should be rewarded as such. Your individual profit share is based on your contribution to the team. Eligibility requires completion of your introductory period and employment of a full quarter following the introductory period.
  • Medical, dental and life insurance benefits which are described further in the Company Handbook.
  • Yearly Costco membership.
  • Company lunches and activities.

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Why EDDY Pumps Are Better – Highlights

This video shows how EDDY Pump transports high slurry and abrasive materials. Featured dredge pump equipment includes the Remote Operated Subdredge, Diver Operated Pump and a Excavator Attachment Dredge Pump.