Field Trip to EDDY Pump – World Of Work (Part 2)

Students from Los Coches Middle School took a field trip to EDDY Pump during week two of their project. The students spoke with half a dozen employees and walked the entire process of building a dredge pump. At the end they got to see the Subdredge from Bering Sea Gold.

Tour Goal. How “an idea” goes from concept to creation

Students got an overview of the manufacturing process today. They saw each of the these steps. Using a new pump design as an example.

  1. The product idea is discussed as a team, at whiteboarding session.
  2. A virtual model gets built then tested in the computer. Best version is 3D printed in plastic.
  3. The 3D printed version goes to a mini testing stand within hours.
  4. From there a metal version is made.
  5. Once tested and approved blueprints are created and sent to the shop for full-size pump building.
  6. Machining, welding, assembly, test and ship.

Walking this process brings a class project to life.

Todays two participating Cajon Valley Union School District classes are the robotics class and the computer science 2 class. These classes take part in an 8-week program.

About World Of Work

EDDY Pump is helping to teach students about real-world jobs and to prepare them for their own career choices with hands-on learning experiences

Week 1  We visited the school for the kickoff.

This semesters task at hand. Student teams will be creating a mock business, writing a business plan, building a working robot, have it perform tasks, then create a website to promote and sell the unit. They are in a race to finish and will present their business to a panel of judges.

By week 8, there will be a competition where students will present their business and robots.

Students getting an office and shop tour. They talked with shop techs, welding, drafters, engineerings, marketing, sales and saw the machining process.

Computer Modeling – R&D

Precision Machining

Assembly Time

Final Testing