Application:     Coal Ash (Fly Ash) Transport and Cleanup

Client:     Raven Power is part of Talen Energy Corp (TLN). They are the third-largest independent power producer in the US.  Raven signs a deal to rent their first 4-inch Excavator Pump Attachment, to be used in their coal ash transport project, at the Maryland operation. Talen plants are located principally in PJM (Mid-Atlantic) and ERCOT (Texas), two of the largest, most attractive competitive power markets in the United States. Learn about Coal Ash (Fly Ash) HERE, part of the EDDY Pump education series.

Raven Power needed a solids handling pump with longer life and improved coal ash transport capacity. EDDY Pump offered up the 4-inch Excavator Pump Attachment to meet their demand. This unit combines the super durable EDDY Pump, with the capability of mounting it to an excavator and creating a mobile coal ask slurry removal machine.


Power Plant, Fly/Coal Ash Pumping Operation

Contact us to find out how the EDDY Pump Excavator Pumps can increase production for your fly ash or coal ash transport. We have years of experience with power, mining, oil, and other dredging applications. See the 4-inch, 6-inch, and 10-inch, base cutterhead excavator attachment models, with custom upgrades for your application. Rent or buy, options. All of our product is USA produced. At EDDY Pump, We Pump Solids, Not Water.