The Dredge Sled – Lagoon Dredge Equipment

Highlights & Intro:

EDDY Pump partnered with UAT Pacific to offer a new dredging solution for the effective removal of slurry, sludge, and solids, the Dredge Sled. With the latest technology, the Dredge Sled is a cost-effective solution for your industrial pond, lagoon, canal, tailings pond, and settling tank cleaning.


  • Floating Dredge for Mining Ponds and Wastewater Facilities
  • Ideal for Slurry Recovery and Bio-Sludge Removal
  • 4-inch or 6-inch units for Tailings Ponds, Lagoons and Settling Tank Cleaning
  • 15 years of testing in the Australian Outback and now Super-Powered by Eddy Pump 
  • Liner-Safe. Semi-Automated.
  • Single Container Shipping. One-Man Setup
  • Specs Here
The Dredge Sled is powered by the EDDY Pump which is a heavy-duty non-clog slurry pump designed for industrial pumping and dredging applications.


Ideal Dredge Industrial Applications

  • Dredging – Lakes, canals, lagoons, ponds, rivers, waterways
  • Mining – Process ponds, tailings storage, heavy metal recover
  • Wastewater – Sedimentation ponds, settling tanks, digester tanks
  • Energy – Power Stations, Oil Refineries
  • Industrial & Manufacturing – Chemical storage ponds
  • Agriculture – Lagoons, ponds, dams, canals, desilting

More info at the Dredge Sled product page

System Components

  • Unmanned Lagoon Dredge
  • Easy to setup float system
  • Shore based winchs
  • Mobile Container houses entire system
  • 4-inch or 6-inch slurry pump options (More coming)

Dredge Characteristics

  • 4-inch or 6-Inch dredge pump that can move up to 200 cubic yards/hour
  • Crewed and maintained by a 1-man team that monitors depth from shore
  • Purpose built dredge for shallow lagoon dredging, industrial ponds and lakes
  • Jetting ring for material agitation
  • Liner Safe for sensitive envorinments poly or concrete lined lagoons. 

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Shallow Lagoon Dredging Equipment – The Dredge Sled