MetroConnect Grand Prize Pitch Winner EDDY Pump. Pushing For Global Expansion.

EDDY Pump has been selected as the $35,000 Winner of the Metro Connect Competition. The high-level Metro Connect goal is to increase international exports from San Diego companies.

  • Twenty San Diego companies have received $10,000 for global marketing expansion.
  • Four finalist did their pitch this week for $35,000.00.
  • EDDY Pump was victorious at the 2019 Pitch.

During the 12-month program, companies in MetroConnect Year 4 collectively generated a net increase of $69.6 million in exports sales. Together, the 20 participants also created more than 100 jobs in San Diego – evidence that exporting supports the increase of jobs locally.

Some companies fly to a trade show, but EDDY Pump is investing heavily in digital marketing. We have expanded our international focal points, SEO and PPC, said Kurtis Waddell, Director of Marketing at EDDY Pump.

We have already set a plan to use the Grand Prize money to further build out our digital footprint in Latin America. The priority will be to grow our pump and dredge brand while landing new international clients. Friendly foreign military clients, industrial mining and environment remediation firms are the targets. The goal is to expose our San Diego built heavy dredging equipment, process pumps and industrial pumps to Latin America and beyond.

More EDDY Pump exports create jobs in San Diego, which is the number one goal of the EDDY Pump marketing & sales team.