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Applications: Oil Transfer, Manure Transfer, Biofuel Filtering, Feedstock Production, Transesterification Process

The purpose of this page is to identify your application and learn more about an equipment solution to meet your needs. These are the most common biofuel and biodiesel pump applications that we work with. We are the OEM for the tools shown.

Application: Biodiesel production. Transferring oil and animal fats for fuel production.
Material: Oil and animal fats mixed with other organic matter. Viscous and abrasive.

Common Biofuel Pumping Scenario:

The EDDY Slurry Pump is ideal for pumping large amounts of oils and animal fats to storage tanks and filtration systems and can also aid with several stages of the biofuel production process.   

By mounting the submersible EDDY Pump to an oil sump or digester tank, you can handle the most difficult biofuel pumping applications. The EDDY Pump allows you to pump oil at distances over 2-miles at production rates of up to 600 tons of mud per hour or 5000 GPM.

Below are commonly distances we see, along with a pump curve to match the details. Contact us with your exact numbers.

Distance: 2500 ft
Vertical Rise: 30 ft
Production: 1414 GPM

Equipment Used: EDDY Pump 6 Inch Self-Priming Pump.
Optional HPU: EDDY Pump equipment can be powered by electric or hydraulic motor setups.  The ideal option is based on your project requirements.


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Applications: Oil Transfer, Manure Transfer, Biofuel Filtering, Feedstock Production, Transesterification

The purpose of this page is to identify your application and learn more about an equipment solution to meet your needs. These are the most common biofuel applications that we work with. We are the OEM of the tools shown.

Common Biofuel Pump Applications:

  • Transferring Crude or Used Oil & Fats
  • Manure Handling & Transport
  • Biofuel Filtering
  • Feedstock Production

Biofuel & Biodiesel Pumping Problems

Oils, fats, and manure are difficult materials to pump due to their viscous and abrasive nature. Centrifugal pumps quickly get worn down and lose their tolerances and suction capabilities. This results in significant downtime and costly spare parts.

With biofuel and biodiesel production, large amounts of oils, fats, and other viscous materials are moved to multiple storage tanks and digesters for producing viable fuels. These materials often contain abrasive organic materials that will be filtered out during the process. Due to this, the pumps used to move the material need to be able to withstand the eroding effects of abrasive slurries.

Transferring used or crude oil is the first step towards producing biodiesels. Often times, restaurants and other foodservice industries store their used fryer oil and fats in large vats and holding tanks. These tanks are then pumped out and the material placed into a filtration system to separate the clean oil from the other organic debris. This oil can vary in viscosity, often making it challenging to pump.

In addition, the abrasive nature of used oils, fats, and the organic debris contained within will destroy the impeller of centrifugal pumps and causes pump failures, costly repairs, and spare parts. Our pump has a high tolerance ultra-recessed rotor that withstands the harsh environment imposed by abrasive materials.

Manure transfer is an integral part of the biofuel industry. Manure is pumped from the farms to large digester tanks which contain microbes to aid in the creation of methane, an efficient biogas used to generate electricity. Many farms are now using self-priming pump setups to facilitate in creating their own electricity from the biogas generated from manure, even enough to power the whole farm. EDDY Pump can be used for manure handling and transport from one point to another. The EDDY Pump is a non-clogging pump and can easily pass manure and other similar debris without clogging the pump or discharge lines. Plus, since the EDDY Pump does not have an impeller, there is no issue with wearing down and losing tolerance.

The EDDY Pump can be run electrically or hydraulically and can be mounted stationary or to a trailer. The electric EDDY Pump can also be submersible if needed. In turn, the EDDY Pump will run continuously with significantly less spare parts needed and saving farms millions in total ownership cost over the life of the pumps.

The biofuel filtering process involves pumping fryer oil, grease, and animal fats into filtering tanks fitted with mesh screens. These screens are used to filter out any particles over 1 micron in size. This results in a cleaner oil called feedstock, which is ready for the transesterification process to produce the actual fuel. This stage of the biofuel production process involves the most abrasive materials and as such would greatly benefit from the non-clog design of the EDDY Pump.

Equipment Options For Job:

  • Transferring Oil & Fats:  Self-Priming Pump, Sump Pump, Submersible, EDDY Slurry Pump
  • Manure Handling & Transport: Self-Priming Pump, Submersible, EDDY Slurry Pump
  • Biofuel Filtering: Self-Priming Pump, Submersible, EDDY Slurry Pump
  • Feedstock & Transesterification: Self-Priming Pump, Submersible, EDDY Slurry Pump

EDDY Pump Equipment

The EDDY Pump can be deployed in various dredge configurations to optimize cleanup of sediment and manure transfer.  Some of the ideal deployments for agricultural pumping are Excavator Pump Attachments, Self-Priming Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Liner-Safe Dredges, Cable-Deployed Pumps, Autonomous Dredges, Spud-Dredges, and the Subdredge.

EDDY Slurry Pump


The workhorse behind all of our pump and dredge products. The EDDY Slurry pump is a non-clogging pump capable of pumping high viscosity, high specific gravity, high abrasives, and highly corrosive materials. The EDDY Pump’s open rotor design allows the passage of solids of up to 9 inches and capable of pumping 40-70% solids by volume. The EDDY Pump is highly versatile and able to be deployed for a wide variety of heavy duty applications.

Self-Priming Pump

Most EDDY Pumps are submersible, with a self-priming unit, the pump and power unit are not submerged. The suction house goes into the slurry and the unit acts like a super-sized wet/dry vacuum. This type of pump can remove air from inside the pump (volute) on its own and continue operation without assistance, making it perfect for mounting on a trailer that can be wheeled from location to location. Since the pump is not submerged, both the operation and maintenance of self-priming pumps are economical and relatively easy. Read more about the self-prime pumps.


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