Gold Mining Applications of EDDY Pump

Transforming Gold Mining with EDDY Pump’s Cutting-Edge Technology. Boost gold recovery, clear tailings ponds, and efficiently handle abrasive slurries. The ultimate solution for sustainable and cost-effective mining operations.

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The EDDY Pump has emerged as a pioneering solution in gold mining. Tailor-made to address the unique challenges faced by the industry, this cutting-edge pump technology excels at handling high-solids content slurry with unparalleled efficiency. From ore extraction to tailings management, the EDDY Pump’s exceptional performance and reliability make it an indispensable asset for gold mining companies, empowering them to optimize operations and uphold environmentally responsible practices. Discover how the EDDY Pump transforms gold mining, enhances productivity, and bolsters sustainable growth in this dynamic sector.

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At EDDY Pump, We Pump Solids, Not Water!

Applications of Our Slurry Pumps in Gold Mining

Slurry pumps play a crucial role in the gold mining industry, offering versatile applications that contribute to the efficiency and productivity of operations. Some critical applications of slurry pumps in the gold mining industry are as follows:

Ore Transportation:

Slurry pumps transport the crushed and ground ore as a slurry from the crushing and grinding circuit to the leaching or flotation processes. The abrasive nature of the ore requires durable pumps capable of handling high-solid content slurries.

Leaching and CIP/CIL Processes:

The submersible slurry pumps transfer the gold-bearing solution through leaching tanks or carbon-in-pulp (CIP) and carbon-in-leach (CIL) processes in gold extraction. These submersible pumps ensure the continuous flow of the leaching solution for optimal gold recovery.

Tailings Management:

After extracting gold from the ore, the remaining material, known as tailings, is often transported as a slurry to tailings ponds or storage facilities. Slurry pumps facilitate the transportation and management of these tailings, ensuring proper containment and environmentally responsible disposal.


The submersible slurry pumps are used for dewatering applications in gold mines, helping to remove excess water from mining pits, tunnels, and shafts. Efficient dewatering ensures a safe and dry working environment for mining personnel.

Sediment Removal:

Slurry pumps are employed in the dredging of sediments and silt from rivers, creeks, and water bodies around gold mining operations. The removal of residues ensures proper water flow and minimizes environmental impacts.

Reclamation and Remediation:

In gold mining, slurry pumps assist in reclamation and remediation projects, where they are used to pump and treat contaminated groundwater or remove sediment from water bodies, allowing for land restoration.

Underground Mining:

Our submersible pumps are adapted for underground mining applications, handling the transfer of slurries and mine water, especially in confined spaces where traditional pumps may not be suitable.

Process Water Circulation:

Slurry pumps circulate process water within gold processing plants, aiding in efficiently mixing and distributing chemicals during extraction and recovery.

Froth Flotation:

The submersible pumps are used in froth flotation processes to separate valuable minerals from gangue materials. The submersible slurry pump’s ability to handle frothy slurries ensures effective separation and maximizes gold recovery from flotation. This also makes the pumps the most efficient gold mining equipment globally.

Dredging Operations:

In alluvial gold mining, where gold is found in riverbeds and streams, slurry pumps are employed for dredging. These submersible pumps help extract sediments, sand, and rocks, separating the gold particles and maximizing gold recovery.

Processing Plant Feed:

These submersible slurry pumps facilitate the transfer of the processed slurry within the gold processing plant. They transport the slurry through various stages, such as leaching, flotation, and smelting, to extract gold efficiently.

In summary, slurry pumps are indispensable gold mining equipment, facilitating the transportation of ore, managing tailings, dewatering mining sites, and contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of gold mining operations. Their ability to handle abrasive slurries and operate reliably in challenging conditions makes them an integral part of gold extraction.

EDDY Slurry Pumps Equipment for Gold Mining

Submersible Slurry Pumps

Industrial non-clog submersible slurry pumps engineered for dredging and process pumping applications. Designed for highly viscous or abrasive material, sludge, muck, paste, and high solids pump applications.

Flooded Suction Pumps

Industrial non-clog flooded suction pumps engineered for dredging, process pumping applications, highly viscous or abrasive material, sludge, muck, paste, high solids and abrasive applications.

Self-priming Slurry Pumps

EDDY self-priming slurry pumps are able to draw liquid into their suction hose, even if the pump and the liquid are not already submerged in
the liquid.

Application of EDDY Pump’s Hydraulic Dredging in Gold Mining:

Hydraulic dredging finds several vital applications while mining for gold, mainly when gold deposits are located in riverbeds, streams, or other underwater or submerged locations. The versatility and efficiency of hydraulic dredging make it a valuable gold mining equipment for various processes while mining for gold, as mentioned below:

Underwater Gold Extraction:

Hydraulic dredges extract gold-bearing materials from riverbeds, streambeds, and underwater deposits. These dredges employ robust suction systems to suck up sediments and gravel, including gold particles, from the river or creek bottoms.

Sediment and Tailings Removal:

After gold extraction processes, hydraulic dredging removes sediments, slurry, and tailings from mining areas. Dredges can efficiently clear sediment-laden regions, enabling better water flow and preventing environmental hazards.

Pond and Reservoir Dredging:

While mining for gold, hydraulic dredges are employed to dredge and desilt ponds and reservoirs, ensuring proper water storage capacity and reducing the risk of flooding during heavy rainfall.

Reclamation and Rehabilitation:

Hydraulic dredging is instrumental in land reclamation and rehabilitation projects around gold mining sites. Dredges can remove sediment and debris, creating usable land areas and restoring the natural habitat.

Alluvial Gold Mining:

Hydraulic dredges are commonly used in alluvial gold mining operations, where gold particles are found in loose sediments or riverbeds. These dredges effectively extract gold and other minerals without complex excavation.

River and Creek Maintenance:

Hydraulic dredges maintain river and creek channels around gold mining sites. Dredging ensures proper water flow, prevents sediment buildup, and mitigates the risk of flooding.

Environmental Remediation:

Hydraulic dredging is used for environmental remediation projects in gold mining areas, where contaminated water bodies or sediments must be cleaned and treated to minimize ecological impact.

Deeper Excavations:

In cases where conventional excavation methods are limited, hydraulic dredging provides a viable solution for deeper underwater excavations to reach gold-rich, inaccessible layers.

Offshore Gold Mining:

Hydraulic dredges are adapted for offshore gold mining operations, enabling miners to extract gold from the seabed or ocean floor.

Hydraulic dredging has versatile applications in the gold mining industry, facilitating underwater gold extraction, sediment and tailings removal, pond dredging, reclamation projects, and environmental remediation. Its efficiency in handling underwater deposits, versatility, and environmental friendliness make hydraulic dredging a valuable tool for gold mining companies seeking to optimize their extraction processes and minimize ecological impact.

EDDY Dredge Equipment for Gold Mining

Excavator Dredge Pump Attachment

Dredge Sled – Patented Lagoon Dredging Equipment

Autonomous Dredge – Remote Operated

Self-Priming Excavator Pump & Bucket

Diver Operated Dredge

Skid Mounted Booster Pump

Cable Deployed With Water Jetting Or Barge Mounted Dredge Pumps

Subdredge Rov – Remote Operated Submersible Dredge

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Other EDDY Accessories Used in Gold Mining

Slurry Hose

Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Hose & Pipe Floats

Doppler Flow Meter

RTK/GPS Dredge Positioning System

HDPE Dredge Pipe

HDPE Pipes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is EDDY Pump beneficial for gold mining applications?
EDDY Pump has multiple benefits for the mining industry. The pumps for gold mining are designed to be clog-free and handle highly viscous and abrasive materials. Furthermore, they ensure almost zero downtime and low maintenance costs.
What makes EDDY Pump suitable for gold mining in remote areas?
Durability, ease of operation, low maintenance cost, and high suction power make EDDY Pump optimal for gold mining in remote areas.
Can EDDY Pump handle the vertical lifting requirements of gold mining operations?
EDDY Pump ensures better vertical lifting capabilities than other pumps for gold mining.
What maintenance and service are typically required for EDDY Pump in gold mining?
These pumps in gold mining come with almost zero maintenance costs.
Is EDDY Pump customizable to meet specific gold mining requirements?
EDDY Pump offers a wide range of customization options. Check out our attachment section to learn more.