Navy Savings - The Total Ownership Cost Reports

Low Total Ownership Cost Pumping Systems for the US Navy, MSC and Commercial Marine Vessels. Over 25 Years of Proven Naval and Marine Experience.

The Reports

Total Operation Cost Analysis FULL-Report PDF

eddy pump total cost data

Report Summary – Total Ownership Cost PDF

eddy pump total cost data

Eddy Pump Capabilities Statement

eddy pump total cost data

Navy and Marine Sewage Transfer Pumping Systems by EDDY Pump. Also building Brine, Graywater, Bilge, CHT, and VCHT pumps.

EDDY Pump Corporation has been honored to serve onboard US Navy and Military Sealift Command ships for over 25 years in CHT Systems (Collection, Holding, and Transfer), Brine, and Gray Water Pumping Applications. We have a strong history building marine pumps.

Sales, Service, and Overhaul

EDDY Pump is the official authorized source for the overhaul of EDDY Pumps. We do not officially authorize other contractors to overhaul our pumps.

Navy and MSC Sewage Vacuum pump
Navy and MSC Sewage Vacuum pump

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EDDY Pump was commissioned in 1994 to replace aging centrifugal pumps on Navy ships. Since installing the EDDY Pump System, ships have experienced multi-year, trouble-free, minimal maintenance and zero-leak patented seal design operation.

Our earliest installations, in 1994, on CVNs have been trouble free for over 25 years. Cost savings estimated at over $3,000,000+ per ship over the life of the pumps. See PDF.

US NAVY Supplier – 25 Years

To Order or Selection Help

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