A Global Energy Company Achieved Zero Maintenance Cost While Saving Twice in Total Lifecycle Costs and Improving Safety

EDDY Pump’s NOEX® System helped the client achieve a remarkable fivefold increase in production rates, zero maintenance cost, and 100% uptime. It also ensured enhanced environmental sustainability in drilling operations.

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This company is a globally recognized brand operating in the energy industry. It has a significant presence across oil and gas exploration, production, refining, and distribution. It is committed to innovation, safety, and environmental sustainability. It focuses on addressing energy needs while minimizing its impact on the planet. It has a diverse portfolio of energy resources and a global network of operations. The company continues to play a significant role in driving progress and providing reliable energy solutions to customers worldwide.

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During drilling operations, a vital component called the drilling fluid, or drilling mud, circulates down the drill string to perform various essential functions. It cools and lubricates the drill bit, removes cuttings, and ensures wellbore stability. As the drilling fluid rises back to the surface, it carries the drill cuttings along. 

However, transporting drill cuttings generated during drilling operations present a significant logistical and environmental challenge. They hinder drilling and require specialized handling, transportation, and disposal. 

Traditionally, the industry relied on vacuum trucks to pump and transport drill cuttings. However, using vacuum trucks is time-consuming, expensive, and environmentally taxing, posing safety and environmental risks. 

Considering these challenges, our customer sought a player with the proper knowledge and expertise. It wanted a solution to eliminate the need for vacuum trucks and streamline the cuttings transport process, reduce operational downtime, gain efficiency, and meet sustainability goals.


EDDY Pump Corporation introduced the customer to its NOEX® system to address the issue. It is an innovative and patented technology designed to transport drill cuttings using a slurry-based method efficiently.

  • Unlike traditional screw or auger conveyors, the NOEX® system employs a unique slurry pump that combines high solid-handling capabilities with the ability to pump various drill cuttings, including high-viscosity materials and heavy solids.
  • The EDDY Pump’s core technology harnesses a tornado’s power into fluid dynamics, creating a synchronized eddy current.
  • This innovative approach allows the NOEX® system to handle high concentrations of abrasive slurries with less downtime, clogging, and spare part costs, addressing the issue of efficient transportation of drill cuttings.


With the implementation of the NOEX® System, the customer achieved remarkable results.

Reduced Manpower and Improved Safety:

By implementing the NOEX® system, our customer was able to eliminate manual handling of drill cuttings, reducing workforce requirements and improving the safety of on-site personnel significantly.

Five-Fold Increase in Production Rates:

The adoption of the NOEX® system brought about a fivefold increase in production rates for removing and transporting mud, cuttings, and drilling fluids compared to excavators/vacuum trucks.

Flexible Pump Installation:

The NOEX® Pumps can be mounted outside the tank as a flooded suction or fully submerged in the cuttings tank. It offered the customer flexible installation options based on the drilling operation’s requirements.


The NOEX® Tank offersl recirculation functionality that keeps the material constantly agitated. As a result, it becomes easier to pump.

Redundant Motor and Pump:

Each NOEX® Tank has a redundant motor and pump. This ensured 100% uptime and minimized downtime for our customers due to equipment failure.

The successful implementation of the NOEX® System enabled efficient transportation of drill cuttings without using vacuum trucks. This improved drilling operations, reducing overall project timelines.


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Additionally, the NOEX System’s closed-loop design significantly reduced the environmental footprint, aligning with the customer’s commitment to sustainability. The system’s capability to handle a wide range of cutting materials ensures smooth operations in various drilling scenarios. As a result, it enhanced the customer’s reputation as a leader in sustainable drilling practices.