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World of Work Program

EDDY Pump is helping to teach students about real-world jobs and to prepare them for their own career choices with hands-on learning experiences.
World of Work Program

What is World of Work?

The World of Work program is an exciting educational initiative launched by the Cajon Valley School District of Southern California. The goal of the program is to bring local businesses and schools together to help teach students about real-world jobs and to prepare them for their own career choices with hands-on learning experiences. The program intends to identify and foster strengths, interests, and values in each of the participating students to help them find their place in the world and make their own impact.

For many students, the future is an exciting prospect, but can also be overwhelming to some who may feel they do not yet know their place in the world. The World of Work program aims to ensure that every child develops the habits and skills that will help them thrive in a future world of work. Research affirms that the earlier students learn and begin to discover their strengths and interests, the better educational and career choices they’ll make.

2018 Updates – Blog Posts


EDDY Pump Chosen For 2018 Program

Each year, a local business is chosen for the World of Work to work closely with the students and teachers in an effort to expose students to real life careers so they can begin to garner some real-life experience in the workforce. Students, parents, and teachers are invited to the business to meet with the business leaders who detail how the business runs, what they offer and the business model they use. The students will then create their own mock business in class, employing many of the same strategies as the partner company they work with. By working side-by-side with a real business, students will gain first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the real world of work.

For the 2018 program, EDDY Pump Corporation was chosen to become a business partner with the Cajon Valley Union School District for the World of Work program along with Los Coches Creek Middle School. EDDY Pump is an innovative engineering design and manufacturing company specializing in high-performance slurry pumps and dredging equipment, based out of East County, San Diego. EDDY Pump is honored to be a part of this new initiative that supports students exploring their interests and eventual career opportunities.

EDDY Pump’s role in the program is to expose students to career opportunities that exist in US manufacturing, technology, and engineering. Students will be able to tour the EDDY Pump manufacturing facility to see industrial pumps and heavy machinery being made in real time. For the ten-week scope of the project, EDDY Pump will be working closely with students and teachers at Los Coches Creek Middle School by educating the students about different aspects of running the business. With a hands-on approach, EDDY Pump will guide students in creating their own similar mock businesses involving robotics, programming, website creation and design, marketing and Public Relations.

Goals of the Program

As the students work through the program, they will learn about essential business practices and strategies for making and managing a successful business. From product creation and design to marketing and sales – each student will find a unique role in the business, earning critical on-the-job experience every step of the way. Students engage in solving real company challenges parallels daily business issues and promotes early critical thinking development.

The future goals of the program include developing the World of Work program into a structured, repeatable education machine that can help students with career choices across the country. Additionally, the program aspires to increase student engagement with their school and community, thus keeping more students in the district. Eventually, the program hopes to spread to other schools, attract more businesses to be involved and develop exposure to real-world opportunities, including manufacturing in the United States.

Teachers and students are working harder than ever, incorporating technology and preparing for a world that is becoming increasingly difficult to predict. In response, the World of Work has been developed to help connect families, industry, teachers, and students and provide guidance to an ever-changing career landscape. Cajon Valley Union School District makes learning relevant through research-based activities and tools to help students understand the world of work. If students better understand their own strengths and values, they’re more likely to stay engaged with school and make informed choices on their education, eventually becoming vital assets to the country’s workforce.

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