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Free Custom Pump Curve

Your Project Specs Equal Perfect Pump

  • Ensure The Right Pump for Your Project.
  • Accurate project data in, the best pump for your project.
  • Contact us to see if your project qualifies. Mention Custom Pump Curve

Why use a pump curve based on water if your pump moves sludge, slurry, mud, muck, sand or other solid materials? You Shouldn’t.

Using water pump curves for slurry and solids handling is not an apple to apple comparison. Frankly, it’s a terrible way to judge a purchase. Since there is no industry standard for a “Slurry Curve” we created a custom solids pump calculator.

Our engineers base the curve on your material, viscosity, target GPM, distance and other factors. This ensures the right pump is used on your project. Contact us to see if your project qualifies for your Free custom pump curve

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