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Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Custom Hydraulic Power Units for Mining, Dredging, Construction and Heavy Industry. Rent or Buy.

Custom Hydraulic Power Units (HPU), built to order. We have a 25-year history of dredging and building highly engineered hydraulic dredging solutions. This includes building custom HPU’s for the specific projects we managed. If you are looking for USA built, high quality and proven results, call us about your Hydraulic Power project.

Wireless options. Manage your HPU from a smartphone or tablet. Increase efficiency and most of all add a level of safety with remote testing or operation. Few if any of the competition is doing this.

Hand Built Custom Hydraulic Power Units for Your Specific Job.

With years of unique dredging projects, we became self-reliant for most of the core components that powered the job site. This started with satisfying our HPU needs, now we pass that experience to you, with premium HPU rentals and sales. Dependability in the field was key, so we built our HPUs to tackle the job.

EDDY Pump manufactures and engineers the HPU’s in San Diego, California. Buy or rent as a primary or Auxiliary Hydraulic Power Unit (AHPU).


Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

About us. The core of our company is the patented Eddy Pump technology that redefines the pumping industry, by being the only pump that utilizes the principles of a tornado to create a synchronized eddy current. We also developed the Subdredge, which can truly be seen as the future in underwater gold mining. It was be seen by millions on the Discovery Channel too!

To learn more about the technology behind our pumps continue reading more HERE.

Wireless HPU Control

Control your Custom Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) with a tablet. Number one reason for this is because it provides safety. Starting, stopping and adjusting the HPU from a distance ensures operators safety during startup or new unit testing. This option is a custom upgrade, call us to discuss.

American Piledriving Equipment (APE) HPU Partnership

EDDY Pump has teamed up with APE to provide HPUs. If EDDY Pump units are out for rent or not available within the required lead time we can call APE to make your project a success. Pictured below are the 475HP and 595HP units. These can easily run our mega 10-inch Excavator Dredge Attachment.

595 HP Unit – Rent or Buy. Powers the 10-Inch Excavator Dredge Pump and smaller.

475 HP Unit – Rent or Buy. Powers the 6-Inch Excavator Dredge Pump and smaller.475hp-hpu-buy-or-rent

Features and Benefits

Hydraulic Power Unit

Eddy Pump Advantages

  • 20 Plus Years of Building Hydraulic Power Units
  • Custom Hydraulics built for the specific job
  • Environmentally Friendly Mineral Oil ( No EPA issues with spills)


  • Engineering Design Support
  • Fixed or Skid Mounted
  • Electric or diesel-driven power units
  • Fixed, Skid or trailer mounted unit
  • Stress Testing
  • High-Level Filtration
  • Available with hydraulic hose

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